Density in Karacadağ Ski Resort

karacadag ski resort
karacadag ski resort

Density in Karacadağ Ski Center: Snow depth reached 70 centimeters in Karacadağ Ski Center, one of the important centers of winter tourism in the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

Karacadağ Ski Center, which is 45 kilometers away from Siverek district center and known as the "Uludag of the Southeast" by the public, attracts the attention of ski lovers from surrounding cities such as Şanlıurfa, Mardin and Diyarbakır.

Ski center operator Orhan Atilla stated in his statement that the snow thickness has reached 70 centimeters due to the intermittent rainfall in Karacadağ for two days. The center is experienced especially at the weekend expressing density Atilla, Karacadağ working with one of the few ski resorts in Turkey said they aimed to make.

Karacadag Ski Resort