Unassuming ordeal between two stops

Unbearable ordeal between two stops: The location of the bus stop in Zincirlikuyu changed, pedestrians started to suffer. Getting off the bus and getting on the bus
the pedestrians who want to jump through the barrier, then crosses through the vehicles passing through the buzz.
Istanbul residents, who want to continue by bus to and from the Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station, have been facing a serious problem for nearly two months. There is a path between the metrobus and the bus stop to provide access to the pedestrian.
After crossing this challenging obstacle, they are trying to cross the highway, passing through the cars passing by, since there is no pedestrian crossing. Of course, the head of the chair ve So why and how did such a problem arise? In fact, two months ago, pedestrians had no problems. Because the bus stop was very close to the Metrobus station. Passengers did not need to cross the street from one stop to another. But the bus station moved to a further point. On the other hand, no measures were taken to ensure the safe transportation of passengers between two stops. As a result, as you can see in the photos came a scene. For two months, the message comes from the citizens who had to make a cruel journey between the metrobus and the bus stop. They are rebelling uy if someone gets hurt after they are crushed en.

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