Cıbıltepe Ski Center

Cıbıltepe Ski Center is Ready for the Semester Holiday: Preparations for the semester break at Cıbıltepe Ski Center, which is covered with crystal snow and yellow pine forests, have been completed- KARSARTUR General Manager Özbey: “We are carrying snow to the open parts of the tracks with a team of 10 people just in case. We mobilize every opportunity for our guests to ski comfortably.

Preparations for the semester holidays in Cibiltepe of the important winter tourism centers of Turkey has been completed. Profit was carried to the opened sections with a team of 10 people.

Snow thickness measured in 25 centimeters, the hotels operating in the ski center, holiday to provide customers with the best service made a feverish work.

Preparations were completed for the semester breaks with necessary maintenance on the tracks. Facilities and tracks responsible for the region KARSARTUR General Manager Sacit Özbey, AA correspondent, said about the 1,5 months of snowfall due to snowfall in the forests were closed due to the opening of the opening of the tracks, he said.

Emphasizing that they provide the opportunity to ski thanks to the work done, Özbey said, “No snowfall is expected before the semester break. Just in case, we carry snow to the opening parts of the tracks with a team of 10 people. We mobilize all kinds of opportunities for our guests to ski comfortably. We have completed all our preparations, we are waiting for ski lovers to come during the semester break ”.

Bülent Okay, the general manager of a hotel operating in the ski resort, said that the reservations were busy before the semester and that they would serve with a percentage of 100 during the holiday period.

Okay said, “We will offer our guests not only skiing but also other activities. In order to make the holiday colorful, we will organize torch walks, sled and snowmobile tours at Kars nights, where there are music and entertainment programs.

Sener is Ağbaba the ski teachers stated that they expect every ski enthusiasts by Turkey for a holiday.