CHP Ipekböceği Protest from Bursa Province

CHP Bursa Provincial Organization Ipekböceği Protest: A group of CHP Bursa Provincial Organization, the Metropolitan Municipality protested some of the transportation-related practices.
CHP provincial chairman Metin Steel, BursaRay Osmangazi Station gathered in front of the party in his statement, the Metropolitan Municipality of billboards on the billboards reported that the transportation cost of silkworm misleading the citizen, he argued.
Claiming that the cost of passengers is 160 kuruş Çelik, said:
“In order to make a financial evaluation, the costs of investment, operation, maintenance and financing of lines and fixed facilities must be taken into account. When these are collected, we see that the total cost of the hundred-year dream T1 line is 68 million 750 thousand liras. A passenger cost of 160 cents is expressed in fabricated accounts as 6 cents. The same announcement was changed to 'transportation energy cost' on the official website of the Metropolitan Municipality. If their calculations are correct, passengers carry 1,75 cents in the rail system and 1,95 cents in buses? Doesn't this have any contradiction in itself? ”
The group was disbanded after the announcement.

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