Bursaray Can not go to Yenisehir Airport

📩 29/11/2018 18:27

Can't Bursaray go to Yenişehir Airport? Some people think that Yenişehir Airport is far from Bursa. I do not agree with this thought. Because the concept of distance is variable. It is perceived differently according to circumstances, people and time. That's why; Those who claim that Yenişehir Havaalam is far away should explain the reasons for this. Moreover, it is very easy to make an airport in the city center. Distance comparison is not made to the city center in developed countries in the world.
Turkey is not in the city center. Take Atatürk Airport, for example. When this airport was built, there were no buildings around it. One side is the sea shore. For this reason; Even though its surroundings are filled with buildings today, there is not much problem in plane landing and take-offs. Despite this, let's not go without emphasizing that Bursaray should be delivered to Mudanya and Güzelyalı, as we came to Sabiha Place in Istanbul. A second airport was built with the name Gökçen. So, is Sabiha Gökçen Airport close to Istanbul? Of course it is far. It is at least as far as Yenişehir Airport. It is even a little further.
Famous and big airports in many developed countries of the world are also miles away from the city. It has to be like that. This is primarily necessary for safety. It is not. Running is even more difficult. There are a lot of problems in front of you, from building height to noise, even to air pollution. Also do not go to places near by plane. While there are trains, buses and other land vehicles nearby, no one is on board. To go to a remote location, 40-50 miles of land transportation is no problem.
Bursaray and Yenişehir Bursaray will be the lifeblood of urban transportation in the future. In the developed countries of the world, urban transportation is done by subway. Metro goes to airports. Well, can not Bursaray go to Yenişehir Airport? Of course it can. Moreover, this is not as difficult as it is thought. Bursaray has already gone to Kestel. If you collect it after Kestel, it remains a distance of 30 kilometers. Even if the resources of the Metropolitan Municipality cannot be exceeded, this distance can hardly be overcome with the resources of the Ministry of Transport.
As a matter of fact, an example of this kind of joint work was done in Izmir. The Ministry of Transport and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality shook hands. so Bayraklı They implemented the Izban project between Çiğli and Çiğli. Why shouldn't such a project be done in Bursa? Bursaray and Mudanya… It must be transported to Bursaray and Güzelyalı Ferry Port and Mudanya center. When this is done, Bursa and Istanbul will be one step closer to each other. We have a local election ahead of us. It would be better if the candidates of our political parties take this issue on the agenda. As long as the project is put forward. The rest will come like a sock ripper.


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