Bursa T1 Tram Line and Facts

Bursa T1 Tramway Lines and Facts: 17 January 2014 is said to be 12 thousand people in the local newspapers where 2013 October 100 has been in service since 750. We have expressed many problems of our city on many floors including these columns for many years. In our local newspapers, we also learned that the Tl tram line carries an average of 100 people per 750 a day.
We have underlined the following points in the articles we have written about the urban transportation plan for many years. First of all, urban transportation master plan should be completed as soon as possible and transportation projects should be done according to this plan. However, as it is known, the urban transportation plan has been approved by the Metropolitan Municipality Council about 1 months ago. Meanwhile, many transportation projects were implemented. However, these projects were not implemented in the non-transportation master plan or in other words, according to the main transportation plan, but according to which data was decided on these projects. One of these projects is Tl tram line project.
While the light rail system was feasible in the urban transport feasibility we had built for the world-renowned German Ober Mayer company in the 1989-1994 era where we were on duty in the local authorities, the tram was not feasible in terms of 2 in terms of technical one. For this reason, the tram project was abandoned and a light rail system project was prepared and reached the tender stage. Now, in the light of all these facts, we are saddened to return to the fact that an average of 7500 people are transported on the Tl tram line once a day and we are saddened to see that this line will not be feasible. Because, as seen clearly in the feasibility of the tram that we have built, approximately 200 thousand people are going to the city center at that time and about 300 thousand people are traveling one way a day.
The daily passenger capacity of the T1 tram is not even 10% of this. In addition, it is better understood every day that Tl tram lines increase the traffic congestion on our roads that cannot handle the current urban traffic load. Not only us, but also the academic chambers, especially the Chamber of Civil Engineers, and other non-governmental organizations, which have serious criticisms, have been justified. It has been clearly seen once again that the TL tram line cannot be a solution to the urban transportation problem, from the daily passenger capacity it carries.

Source: Ekohaber

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  1. As the T1 Line is the central line for the other tram lines to be constructed, the passenger capacity that it carries with other lines will increase.