Winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Winter Season in Bosnia Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as the historical and cultural richness of the white in the winter season is enchanting.

In addition to its historical and cultural riches, Bosnia Herzegovina is fascinated by its whitish winter. Selected as one of the best 10 adventure destinations by National Geographic, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a unique country for Turkish citizens without any visa shortage, to see new places, cities, historical buildings and natural attractions at affordable prices, as well as to enjoy the winter, snow and skiing. .

Besides the commercial relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey cultural and social activities to the signatory BİGMEV (Bosnia and Herzegovina Relations Development Center Foundation) winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina tourism investigating for you, it's recommendations.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a treasure waiting to be discovered with its historical and natural beauties, awaits Turkish tourists with its natural beauties worth seeing in winter as in every season. You can enjoy the winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina's most famous ski resorts Byelashnitsa, Igman, Yahorina and Vlasic near Travnik, which has a completely different beauty with the winter season.
In the Olympic ski resorts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which hosted the 1984 Winter Olympics, which was declared the best organized Olympiad by the International Olympic Committee, you can stay alone with nature and enjoy the beauty of the snow white snow.

Most Popular Mountains for Skiing
The Byelashnica mountain is the highest ski resort in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is located only 25 km from Sarajevo. In 1984, the XIV in Sarajevo. Many sports and tourism facilities were established in Bleyaşnica for the Winter Olympiad and these facilities are still in use. The ski center has 9 km of ski tracks for all disciplines. Byelashnica has the steepest slopes among the mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
There is the 28 meter-high Yahorina mountain, 1916 km from the capital city of Sarajevo. Some of the disciplinary games of the Winter Olympics in 1984 were held on Yahorina mountain. Yahorina has a 20 km ski track and 6 chair lifts. Yahorina Mountain, which has a mixture of Mediterranean and continetal climate, offers the opportunity to ski in sunny weather in winter. Night skiing in Yahorina is a special pleasure.

In Travnik, the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the capital of Ottoman viziers, there is the Vlasic Mountain, which is like a giant castle dominating the environment. The height of the mountain is 1943 meters. You Can Do Any Winter Sports You Want: Skiing, Snowboarding, Snowmobile and Scooter Ride, Night Skiing, Sledding

During the winter season, which starts in December and lasts until April in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can do any winter sports you want at the ski resorts very close to the city centers, you can go to the city whenever you want, and have a good time with the warmth of the Bosnian Herzegovina despite the cold of winter.

The ski resorts, which include all the beauties of the winter season and especially the skiing and nature lovers on weekends, do not have any problems about snow. If you don't have ski suits, you can get them at affordable prices.

In addition to skiing in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can find many alternatives such as snowboarding, snowmobiling and scooter driving, night skiing, sledding.

Most Accommodation Available

If you want to reach the ski centers which are very close to the city centers, you can stay in hotels, lodgings, private houses or luxury apartments suitable for every budget or you can stay in the wooden houses for rent. Turkish tourists can spend a great winter day at 750 at a price of a total of 1200 to 7 EURO including Istanbul-Sarayevo ticket, transportation, accommodation, food, ski tickets and equipment.

Doctors and Athletes' Choice

The high quality of the air in the ski centers is one of the recommendations of their doctors, especially for those who have respiratory problems or who are in recovery after surgery. In addition, athletes often prefer Bosnia and Herzegovina ski resorts because of their clean air and high quality runways.

There are also investment opportunities for tourism

The tourism sector is one of the most important sectors in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The state of Bosnia and Herzegovina offers investors suitable investment opportunities in many fields such as opening new touristic centers, renovating existing accommodation and recreational facilities, privatizing hotels, commercializing natural parks, managing tourism centers and investing in infrastructure related to tourism. In addition, there are development and investment plans for ski resorts that the state is ready to present to potential investors. These plans envision the construction of hotels, apartments, chair lifts and other auxiliary facilities.