Winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Winter in Bosnia and Herzegovina is a Different Beauty: The snow that fell in Bosnia yesterday and turned white all around created postcard scenes in Vrelo Bosne, where the Bosna River near the capital Sarajevo, has created postcard scenes. started.

The snow that fell in Bosnia yesterday and turned white everywhere created spectacular views in Vrelo Bosne, where the Bosna River, located near the capital Sarajevo, comes out.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, famous for its forested areas and water resources, the "white wedding dress" embellished with the snow yesterday fascinates people. Vrelo Bosne, where the source of the Bosna River on the slopes of Mount Igman near the capital Sarajevo, looks another beautiful under the snow. Those who came to visit this region, which is famous for its natural beauty, spent their time walking in the region. Some families, on the other hand, spent time feeding the swans and ducks in the ponds formed by the waters from which the river originates.

The visitors, affected by the cold, sat around the burning fireplace in the only restaurant in Vrelo Bosne and watched the beauty of the region's nature from the window.

- Tourism professionals have a smile in Byelashnitsa

The ski center in Byelashnitsa, which is located near Sarajevo and is one of the mountains that hosted the Winter Olympics held in 1984, was flooded by many visitors after the snowfall. Vacationers from various cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and other countries enjoy the winter in Byelashnitsa by skiing and sledding.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the ski season started on December 15, tourism professionals, who had difficulties due to the dry winter months, stated that they laughed with the snowfall.