The Blessing of Palestock

Palandökende Semester Abundance: Palandöken Ski Center, which entered the new year with an occupancy rate of 25%, attracts the attention of local tourists, especially before the semester break. Due to the 15-day semester break that will start on January 100, hotels have already reached XNUMX percent occupancy.

One of Turkey's most important ski resorts in Palandöken laughs in the face of this winter season. Entering the new year with a hundred percent occupancy rate, the hotels are already full for the semester period. The domestic tourists want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding during the holidays, thanks to artificial snow system that's not the issue of Turkey's only ski resort snow opted Palandöken.

Stating that they had a very productive season, Murat Altuğ Kargı, Hotel General Manager, said, “We can easily say that we have already reached XNUMX percent for the semester. The biggest reason for this interest Palandöken thanks to artificial snow systems that have characterized the role of Turkey's only ski resort, non-profit issue, "he said.

Turkey is experiencing the driest winter in recent years. There is a shortage of snow in many winter tourism centers in the country. Hotels in Erzurum Palandöken offer services to local and foreign tourists and ski lovers with artificial snow on 21 amateur and professional tracks.

Before the semester break, the hotel owners and managers invited ski lovers to Palandoken. Many local and foreign tourists enjoy skiing and holiday in Palandoken, where the snow thickness reaches 30 centimeters. The runways were covered with artificial snow in Palandöken, where snowfall last last month. Since the temperature is between minus 25 and 7 degrees, the fact that the snow does not melt makes faces happy.