No Snow

Barbecue Pleasure Without Snow: Ilgaz Mountain, known as the highest mountain of Anatolia, offers a distinct beauty in every season. The photograph taken by Ilgaz Mountain in winter creates postcard images. As in the rest of the dormitory, the expected snow does not fall, and the summer air blows in the mountains, and ski enthusiasts have turned to manga when there is no snow.

One of the favorite ski resorts of Ilgaz Mountain, the new Yıldız Tepe Ski Center, the old women's meadow picnic spot, is full of Ilgaz lovers from Istanbul and Ankara and the surrounding cities on weekends. Traveling and having a picnic in the magnificent fir forests of the Ilgaz Mountains, and skiing if there is snow, are among their greatest passions. Ilgaz Association of Associations coming from Istanbul also enjoyed Ilgaz daily by eating meatballs on the barbecue.