Balçova Teleferik Facilities will be finished on the promised date

Balçova Teleferik Facilities will be finished on the promised date: the cable car giant renewing the Teleferik Facilities STM System Teleferik, wrecked in debt to the court on the grounds that the bankruptcy wanted to postpone the bankruptcy.

Company officials, “We have done such an operation in order to finish the work. We will train the ropeway facilities on time as promised T

There has been another bad news about the Cable Car Facilities in Balçova, which has been closed for nearly 7 years and returned to the story of the renewed snake. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's tender for the renewal of the facilities of the Izmir cable car giant STM System Teleferik, the debt to the court on the grounds that the wrecked bankruptcy wanted to postpone. Company's 10. His application to the Court of First Instance will be decided at a hearing held in March at 11. Until this time the creditor of the company will be able to appeal. If the court decides to postpone the bankruptcy, the company officials will be able to postpone the payment to the creditors.

Snake returns to the story
If the court finds that the decision to postpone bankruptcy is negative, the company will be considered bankrupt. The future of the company will determine the fate of Izmir's unending Teleferic Facilities. The cable car facilities, which started operations in April, must be completed in 365 days and delivered in the first months of this year. STM System Teleferik A.Ş. officials confirmed their appeal to the court, demanding postponement of bankruptcy. Company officials, “We have done such an operation in order to finish the work. We will train the cable car facilities on time as promised T.
The renewal of the Balçova Ropeway Facilities in Balçova Dede Mountain with the Gulf view continues for 7 years. The facilities were closed on the basis of the report prepared by the Izmir Chamber of Mechanical Engineers in 2007 on the grounds that 'there is no life and property security'. The 3 tender that was issued by the Metropolitan Municipality for the restoration was canceled for several reasons.
STM System Cable Car Assembly and Tourism Co., which offers the lowest bid of 2012 million 10 thousand pounds in February 225. won. Doppelmayr Seilbahnen Gmbh, which offers the highest bid in the tender with 14 million 400 thousand pounds, has appealed to the Public Procurement Authority (GCC). The JCC also annulled the tender, citing the fact that the approximate cost calculation in 9 April 2012 was inaccurate and that the unit prices should be calculated one by one. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the opening of new tenders from the court to cancel the decision of the JCC came to the news. Thus, the Metropolitan signed the contract with STM Teleferik.

Capacity will increase
With the new system to be installed in Balçova Teleferik Tesisleri, the 400 2 will be upgraded to 400 per hour. Thus the annual carrying capacity 500-600 will rise to a thousand people. The old four-seater passenger cabins will be replaced by 12 cabinets. In the new ropeway line, the automation system stops the cabs automatically and immediately interferes. The ticket halls at the entrance of the facility will be renewed within the scope of the tender.

Cable car giant
In the 1998 founded by Orhan Yilmaz and cable car system Resit STM Tezcan, Turkey is doing in many parts of the cable car systems. Izmir Ödemiş Ski Center, the company that performs the construction, Hakkari Merga Büte, Çankırı Ilgaz, Van Gevas, Erzincan Ergan Mountain, Kars Muddy, Kars Sarikamis, Mus, Ankara Kecioren, Isparta Davraz, Kastamonu Great Ilgaz, Erzurum Palandoken, Erzincan Sakaltutan projects such as realized. The company founded the ropeway systems in Balaken, Azerbaijan.