Minister Elvan talks about transportation investments

Elvan Minister spoke about investment in transport: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lutfi Elvan, "flight center density in the 2020s there were efforts will be Turkey" dedi.6. Ambassadors' Conference in speaking Ministers Elvan, Turkey in Europe, Asia and noting that an important road links with the Middle East, "the United verified by the UN, according to the main traffic artery 9 thousand 361-kilometer highway is taking place in this context.
There is a road network of 6 kilometers within the scope of the Trans European North-South Motorway. We have 970 thousand 4 kilometers of highway within the scope of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation. ”Noting that the connection of the railways to Europe goes to Almaty and Iran via Lake Van, Minister Elvan said,“ We ​​have some shortcomings here. We opened Marmaray in order to make it more perfect regarding the railway. But there are deficiencies about Marmaray.
We are completing the deficiencies in the railway line that will connect Europe to Asia. The deficiencies will be completed by the end of the year. We started the construction of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line. This line will be a link across the Caspian question is complete "dedi.hav to also provide information on the transport of Ministers Elven," 2020'l there would be efforts for Turkey in the flight center density of years. We are preparing in this direction, "konuştu.elv, while on sea transportation," especially road transport, is of great importance for Turkey.
More than 1 million 250 thousand vehicles per year carry out road transport in different countries of the world. When we look at the Ro-Ro flights, we see that although there is an increase, it is not at the desired level. At this point, we need the advice of our ambassadors. How and how can we develop these Ro-Ro flights, how can we take them to better points, we need to seek this. Speaking about the investments in the transportation sector, Elvan emphasized that they made an investment of 161 billion Turkish lira, and said: , 100 billion lira for the railway, 30 billion lira for the airline. The rate of investments in railways, which did not exceed 20-2,6 percent in the past, has reached 8,8 percent. ”Minister Elvan informed the ambassadors about the 3rd bridge, 5rd airport and other projects.



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