Auto train corruption news TCDD made a press release

TCDD press release for the news of automatic train corruption: The following statement regarding the news titled “Automatic train corruption” in a newspaper is deemed necessary.
1-TCDD modernized the towed vehicles and started the period of automatic inspection stations to maintain the maintenance and control of these vehicles with modern systems.
2- Automatic inspection station definition includes static and dynamic inspection stations.
3- 3 units of static inspection stations are opened and these stations serve TCDD vehicles unlike the claims.
4- One of the 3 dynamic inspection stations, which are still in the tender, is in the service phase and two of them are under construction.
The dynamic inspection station at 5-Ankara will be carried out in cooperation with the Başkentray project, a large and unique urban rail system project.
6- Tenders were made according to the Law on Public Procurement Authority and related legislation. The tender for the train label system is also subject to the same legislation.
7- It is not possible to keep the auctions confidential.
8- TCDD does not decide which companies will enter the tenders, and any tenderer who is qualified can enter the tender.
9- Payments have been made to the companies in the process of making the work, and no overpayment has been made.
10- How to make a tender, determine the approximate cost and how the appropriation will be used is defined by the legislation.
The claim that the empty building was opened instead of the 11- inspection station is also unreal as other claims.
12- In the box titled di operations were blocked gibi, the claim that some firms went to secret agreement was just like the other claims.




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