Asli Nemutlu case discovery canceled

The discovery was canceled in the Aslı Nemutlu case: The discovery that was planned to be made in Konaklı Ski Center today regarding the death of the national skier Aslı Nemutlu, who died after the accident during the training, was canceled as a result of objections to the judge and the expert panel. Nemutlu, the mother and father who came to Konaklı Ski Center for discovery, reacted to the decision. It was decided to make a discovery in Konaklı Ski Center, where the accident occurred today, about the death of 12-year-old Aslı Nemutlu, the national skier, who died in the accident while training on 2012 January 17 in Konaklı Ski Center in Erzurum.

Aslı's mother Ayşe Nemutlu and her father Ahmet Metin Nemutlu reacted to the cancellation decision at Konaklı Ski Center, where they came for discovery. Saying that they came to Konaklı 2 years after their daughter's death, the mother and father Nemutlu stated that the dismissal of the discovery was a pity as a result of objections to the expert and judge. Anne Ayşe Nemutlu stated that they had a great disappointment with the rejection of the discovery and evaluated the decision as funny. Father Metin Nemutlu expressed that the decision was saddening in the name of law. According to the decision of the ski center where the daughters had an accident in Konaklı, the Nemutlu family, who came to the field with a snowmobile to the field of the discovery and the expert committee, left the court. The Heavy Penal Court will be redefined.