The traffic light was put on Antray route

The traffic light was put on the Antray route. The end of the traffic ended: The task of the personnel of Transportation AS, which served at the 12 intersection point on Antray's route serving between Fatih-Meydan, ended with the introduction of traffic lights. As of the 2012, the staff of the Directorate of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems will be waiting at the points where the metropolitan municipal police are working, while the traffic lights are placed at all intersection points, vehicles will wait for the green light to come on.
At the points where tramway service started, police officers assigned by the Metropolitan Municipality at the points specified in order to prevent traffic accidents, had to wait in the region under the temperature of 40 for many hours. Later on, the private huts were placed on the 12 spot for the municipal police officers who were temporarily assigned with the public's reaction. 1 June In the 2012, middle-aged personnel, who were not wearing a formal dress, continued to pass their passages. Workers 'stop sign but the drivers do not stop' he defended them.
While it is not possible to find a solution to the habit of traveling on rails instead of waiting for some awake drivers, especially at the intersection point of the tram, it has been learned that it has been decided to activate the traffic light application because the officers at the intersection points can not provide a deterrence against the drivers in such behaviors. Instead of the old system, which was a drudgery for officials, there were sections that reacted to the placement of the lamp. It was suggested that the long lines between the staff and the tombs prevented the loss of time and the queues prevented, especially the Muratpaşa Mosque.

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