Akçaabat's New Tourism Route

Akçaabat's New Tourism Route: In recent years, nature and plateau tourism has come to the fore. Recently; A meeting was held at the Rize-İkizdere Ridos Hotel with the participation of 8 ministers, regional deputies, relevant bureaucrats, representatives of non-governmental organizations and local administrators, where the Eastern Black Sea Region Tourism Master Plan prepared a while ago was discussed. Akçaaba Mayor Şefik Türkmen also attended this meeting and took the floor and made suggestions for the development of tourism in the region and the district. In addition, our Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ertuğrul Günay, who attended the meeting, presented a tourism route planning report on our district. The report was prepared by Architect Kaan Third and Architect Yusuf Hocaoğlu under the Presidency of Civil Engineer Şefik Türkmen.

Akçaabat is a city with different characteristics in the Eastern Black Sea Region. It is one of the natural harbors of the Black Sea. Its climate is a mixture of the Black Sea-Mediterranean climate. Also, due to the favorable climate, all kinds of vegetables and fruits are grown in addition to olives and citrus fruits. is established. A large number of people attend the market set up on Tuesdays to shop from the surrounding provinces and districts.

There are plateaus in Hıdırnebi and Kayabaşı plateaus of Akçaabat, whose plateaus are very close to the coast. In addition, there are important places in terms of tourism such as Sera Lake and Akçakale. Akçaabat is one of the places where the horon is played with the most beautiful and rich figures. Akcaabat horonu played as a team is spread all over Turkey. Akcaabat Sebatspor County football team, is one of Turkey's oldest football team. Great importance is attached to arts and social activities in the city. The art of gold and silver knitting and handcrafts such as canvas and röşelye are made very successfully.

Akcaabat that gets so much history up to the present from the past work bulunmaktadır.ort neighborhood conservation area, biridir.ayrı of the few places in the city can be protected at the neighborhood level in Turkey, are very large park-garden and promenade areas. There are world-class, immaculate restaurants. Not everyone who comes to visit the region does not go without stopping by restaurants. Akçaabat, which is mostly known for its meatballs, draws attention with its dishes that appeal to the palate with its water pastry, wrapping, well, goose raising, flour halva and various desserts. The reputation of Akçaabat meatballs has spread everywhere. Besides, most of the restaurants also have fresh fish and other dishes every day. We need to attract local and foreign tourists who come to restaurants to stay in the city center and historical places, to shop from local products and to see our unique natural beauties.

It is obvious that there is a need for world-class facilities and plans that will appeal to local and foreign tourists in Akçaabat. In addition to the tourism potential of the district in the city center, it has an important potential for mountain and nature tourism. Here, we would like to briefly mention the planning of a particular region, especially in relation to the utilization of this potential.

First of all, we propose to create a tourism route along the mountain range that continues from the direction of Akçaabat and Sivribur (Akçatepe) to Hıdırnebi. The road construction work of the 7 km part of this route from the coast to the Cliff Strait has been completed with a standard width (10-12 meters) and suitable slope. Road construction works should be handled in the form of widening the road for approximately 8 km from the cliff strait to the foothills of Hıdırnebi and taking the road route in the south direction of the ridge in places. The construction of the approximately 2 km rocky road is still in progress. This road must be included in the tourism road network by the Highways Organization.

Touristic facilities should be established on this route, on the hills and ridges, which are unsatisfied with their views. In addition to restaurants, cafeterias, forty-coffees and picnic areas, facilities consisting of hotels and chalets were planned by the Akçaabat Municipality. Ağadüzü location, which has a wide flat area, should be considered together up to Teknecik Hill and accommodation, sports facilities and SPA facilities should be arranged here.

Kukullu Cesme locality, rural coffee house, the view is considered terraces. Further, camp sites, bungalo-style accommodation, picnic areas and a restaurant should be designed in the so-called Şahbaz Hill. In the area called Medana-Hanzara, restaurants and forty corners are recommended.

After these regions, Hıdırnebi plateau is reached. The Hıdırnebi plateau is in the form of a plateau and when viewed from the sea, the high rocks and forest areas known as the Hıdırnebi Ka-seları are seen. There are elevation differences of 550-600 meters between the skirts of these rocks and above.

In addition to the existing facilities of Hıdırnebi Plateau, maps and planning should be made and new tourism areas should be determined and accommodation and SPA facilities should be designed in these areas. In the vicinity of the visiting rock and in the Çatalkaya regions, the terraces, pedestrian and horse-drawn walkways and picnic areas should be built.

In the region, it is believed that Ali's horse is the footprint of Ali's horse on the Ziyaret Rock, and the other footprint is on Taşlıoba rocks, which is about 12 km away from the bird flight across the Söğütlü valley, and the belief that the sea reached the Hıdırnebi rocks in the ancient past and there are traces of the places where ships were moored. has. These beliefs can be evaluated in terms of tourism.

During the mentioned tourism route (Akçaabat-Hıdırnebi) and Hıdırnebi plateau and adjacent highlands are connected to each other by suitable means and equestrian and pedestrian walking activities should be arranged.

On the roads that are suitable for Off Road, activities and tours can be arranged and facilities can be increased.

Daily and weekly tours should be organized. These tours should start from Akçaabat and follow the route Ortamahalle, Sivriburun (Akçatepe) - Ağadüzü - Kukullu Çeşme - Şahbaz Tepe-Medena - Hıdırnebi. On the beach, starting from sea level, a height of 7 meters is reached in Sivriburun (AKÇATEPE) at 700 km and a height of 17 meters in Hıdırnebi plateau, which is reached at 1500 km. It is not possible to find such an opportunity everywhere.

Most of the settlements along the route are composed of plateau villages. Food, drinking, clothing, folkloric characteristics and living cultures are an important potential for tourism.

Hıdırnebi plateau and adjacent plateau center taking the center of the plateau on the same plateau (Balıklı), Koru plateau (Marzallı), Acısu plateau (Balıklıoba), Kuruçam plateau, the plateau of the countryside should be made with a number of high plateau tourism planning should be made.

In addition, if we want to expand the route of Plateau and Mountain tourism in this region, we will go from Hıdırnebi Plateau to the skirts of Karadağ Plateau and cross the border of Çayırbağı Town and Tonya, from there to Beypınarı Plateau, from there to Düzköy Plateau, Işıklar Plateau (Kayabaşı) Taşlıoba, from there to the Ridge of Akpınar Town. From Akçaabat Düzköy highway, it is possible to descend to Sera Lake from Akçaabata or Ridge and connect to Akçaabat or Trabzon from there. It is also possible to go down to Düzköy and Akçaabat from Hıdırnebiden by following the plateau roads (Hirsafa), visiting Çalköy cave. On the other hand, it is possible to go down to the coast from the Karaçam and Acısu roads, which are used today. However, the roads on these routes should be standardized within the scope of the tourism route and a good tourism planning should be made in the Plateau and Mountains on the route.

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