Akbil debate protested in Izmir

The Akbil debate was also protested in Izmir: In İZMİR, protesters communicating through social networking sites reacted to the Akbil weighing in the Istanbul metro after they gathered in the metro. Protesters passed the turnstiles without paying any money.
During the debate that took place at the metro station in Taksim, Istanbul, Aykut Kelek and her brother Yasin Kelek, who wanted to pass for free because there was no money left in their akbils, discussed with the security guards. Aykut Kelek, whose security guard allegedly hit her head with an iron detector, was injured. Those who reacted to this event gathered at the İzmir metro, Halkapınar Station, after communicating on social networking sites. About 30 people stated that transportation should be free and they condemned the attack.
The protesters then walked to the turnstile in order to get to the Izban train instead of the subway to get to Alsancak. Here also the private security officials did not interfere with the protesters, passed free of turnstiles.
In the meantime, some demonstrators on the turnstile came out of the verbal discussion among security guards. The protesters then took the Izban train away from the station.



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