Akaydın Antalya tram's debt 750 million TL

📩 29/11/2018 18:20

Akaydın Antalya tram's debt is 750 million TL: Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. ÇAĞSİAD and the representatives of the citizenship associations. Dr. Mustafa Akaydın said, “I did not steal, I did not. We are one of the most honest municipalities where municipal services carried out in Turkey, "he said.
Expressing that they took over the municipality with a debt burden of 1 billion dollars in total, Akaydın noted that despite all difficulties, they paid about half of them. Explaining that the remaining half is tram debt, President Akaydın said: “Tramway is extremely expensive and wrong investment. By 2028, Antalya will pay 254 million Euros for the tram. If you think that the euro has risen to 3 liras, we will pay 750 million liras only to the tram. It is not a correct investment. While the top number of trams reached is 40 thousand people per day, 11 buses that I take for 40 million liras in total carry 38 thousand people per day. ”

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