Accessibility Target for Disabled People 2015 (Special Report)

Accessibility Target for the Disabled 2015: As per the disabled people law issued in 2005, municipalities need to make public transport and other common areas available for the disabled and the elderly. The legal deadline for this is ending in July 2015.
In order to remove the obstacles, the 2015 is moving forward with big steps, and there are significant changes and developments in transportation. Rail systems, which are the most important public transportation method, give self-confidence and freedom to disabled individuals. All regulations restricting this freedom must be completed by July of 2015!
In our big cities, we have examined the applications in the metrobus and buses with rail systems, which will be the model for other cities, where the disabled people can reach the easiest and travel smoothly. Here 2013 access table with disabilities in Turkey ...
Ankara - Ankaray and Ankara Metro
Although Ankara Metro and Ankaray have disabled lifts in almost every station, only few of the city buses in the city that are used for transportation to these stations have been made suitable for disabled people. We are excited about the level of accessibility of the handicapped at the Sincan, Çayyolu and Keçiören subway lines of the Ankara metro.
Istanbul - Istanbul Subway and Metrobus
Only 40 of the 5 stops on the Avcılar - Söğütlüçeşme metrobus line have elevators! The smart stop project is being implemented to make all stops accessible to disabled people. This project, designed for disabled people in metrobuses that breathe in urban transportation to a great extent in Istanbul, seems to be awarded by associations with disabilities. Now, the smart stop system will automatically inform the driver of the disabled people waiting. Similarly, it will inform the visually impaired passengers out loud about where the bus approaching the stop is going.
Station nameCount
Edirnekapi 1
Zincirlikuyu 4
Şirinevler 2
Sefaköy 3
Hunters 3
The stops with the disabled ramp are Topkapı, Zeytinburnu, İncirli, Yenibosna and Cennet Mahallesi. In addition, 970 out of 327 stops belonging to IETT have been made suitable for the use of disabled people, while 2 thousand 6 hundred buses belonging to IETT and Bus Inc. have been made accessible.
İzmir banİzmir Metro and İzban
In İzmir, where population density is high and transportation is becoming more and more troublesome every day, we examined the access of disabled people. The service provided by the metropolitan municipality to the disabled people in the Izmir Metro is unfailingly appreciated. Disabled passengers who do not have an escort but who need to be supported are guided by the staff from the moment they enter the station. Especially visually impaired, traveling with a wheelchair and orthopedic handicapped passengers, if not accompanied by the security staff, the crew is downloaded and handed over to the other officer. The station that the passenger will land is learned and put into the vehicle and the radio is informed to the station. The disabled passenger who needs support is met in the same way at the station and accompanied until he goes out of the system. The same applies to passengers with hearing and speech impaired or mentally handicapped persons who are unable to see their needs and who are traveling without a companion.
Bursa - BursaRay
We have learned from Burulaş officials that there are problems in disabled fiber in most stations during the journeys with Bursa light rail system. Also, almost 40 of the elevators are defective! In order to solve all these problems, 31 disabled lift in 70 station is renewed and more modern elevator system is started. The first work was started at Şehreküstü Station. According to our observations, most of the elevator failures are due to misuse and excess demand. To minimize this, the ticket system must also be integrated into the elevators. Thus, the service has attained its real purpose and unnecessary breakdowns, maintenance as well as the costs will be greatly reduced.
Samsun - SamRay
Although the rail systems in Samsun provide great convenience in the transportation of disabled people, it can be transformed into a big problem because of small deficiencies and faults. Even the openness ratio between the stations and the vehicles is enough to turn the transportation of wheelchair users into a nightmare. In contrast, Samulaş; 4 is an example of tramway systems in other cities with its tramways that are designed with a thought that can be called perfect, the ramps suitable for the disabled standards and XNUMX which provides great convenience in terms of accessibility to these stops.
In general, obstacles for disabled people in all major cities are being tried to be lifted under the new law on disabled people. Although the importance of disability access in public transport is better understood by new improvements in rail systems, problems with transportation to stations should also be reviewed. We hope to provide more smooth, accessible and world-class public transportation news for all disabled people in our country.
2015 target unhindered access for unimpeded Turkey ...

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