Yoldere Academic Support from Izmir University

Academic Support from İzmir University: A survey formed by İzmir University Psychology Department faculty members will measure the effects of increasing railway investments in the recent years on State Railways (TCDD). The results of the survey to be conducted with 750 member of the Railway Construction and Operating Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association (YOLDER) will be shared with TCDD.
İzmir University Institute of Social Sciences Director Asst. Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gülnur Erciyeş and Assist. Assoc. Dr. Giray and Assist. Assoc. Dr. Culha met with YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat, such a work between associations operating in this sector for the first time carried out, he said. Polat said, Pol We are proud to be a first with İzmir University. We want to continue this kind of work, Bu he said.
Izmir University Psychology Department lecturers Assist. Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Deniz Giray and Assist. Assoc. Dr. The 60 questionnaire, which was created by Duygu Güngör Culha by using valid and reliable scales, will be applied to YOLDER member State Railways employees working in regional offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Sivas, Malatya, Adana and Afyon.
The survey, Turkey around the line maintenance officer, path control officer, gate control officers, road surveying, road maintenance chief agriculture officer, agriculture chief, bridge chief source chef, road maintenance deputy director, road maintenance will be implemented on 750 YOLDER member who works as manager, engineer, technician, technician, road controller and road service deputy director. The survey will measure the employees' job satisfaction and their belonging
In recent years, the investments in the railway has increased greatly, YOLDER Chairman Özden Polat said that they want to see how human resources management's approach to road personnel is met in the rapid change as a result of these investments. Polat explained the reasons for the need to apply the questionnaire as follows:
Değerli We believe that human resources management is as important and valuable as achieving the goal in terms of rapid change. As the Railway Construction and Operation Personnel Solidarity and Solidarity Association, we want to convey the expectations of our members to the organization and understand what the organization wants to do and transfer them to our members. We will share the results with each stage with their solution suggestions. Ları
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Gülnur Erciyeş stated that this study, which was conducted for the first time between a university and the association operating in the sector, was planned to be an academic publication in the future. Eri One of the most important tasks of the universities is to approach the needs of the society with an academic perspective and to offer solutions to their problems, itel says Yrd. Assoc. Dr. Erciyeş said: ey Therefore, we think that this study which we made with YOLDER will be useful for both the railway employees and the academic publications to be made by our university in the future Erc.

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