Saadet Party promised to make Gaziantepe havaray

Felicity Party Gaziantepe promised to make havaray: Saadet Party Gaziantep Province Organization members and mayor candidates, members of the press came together for breakfast. Saadet Partililer who served with press members in a private hotel's meeting room, was pressured with members of the press for a while. Saadet Party, Gaziantep Provincial Chairman Mehmet Karalar and Saadet Party Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality candidate Mehmet Bozgeyik, breakfast after the local elections in March 30 found explanations about.
Transferring the projects he wants to do before the 30 Mart local elections, Bozgeyik made the promise that he would make a havaray to Gaziantep if he came to the office.Bozgeyik said, mah We are determined; believer. We did it yesterday. I hope we will succeed today. We're going to make a plane on Alleben Creek. We will take the rail system over 4 and a half meters from the air. From the beginning of the Alleben River to the end of the Alleben Creek, by creating satellite cities, allowing the multi-storey buildings to begin from there, we will make a satellite city to the point where each air track begins. Alle


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