Bulgaria ski resorts cheap burn

bulgaria ski resorts
bulgaria ski resorts

hotel prices in Turkey's most important ski resort of Uludag semester in hand still burning. Vacationers who have the opportunity to ski on specially illuminated slopes in neighboring Bulgaria find accommodation at 50 percent cheaper than Uludağ.

It is stated that the price of daily accommodation per person in a 4-star hotel in the semester in Uludağ is 378 TL, while this figure is only 170 TL in Borovets Ski Center. A holidaymaker who wants to stay for 6 nights in Uludağ costs 2.646 TL, and only 1.020 TL in Borovest. While vacationers cannot find the opportunity to shop in Uludağ, vacationers who benefit from the Olympic indoor swimming pool for 8 TL per day in Borovets can also shop from super markets. Tourism manager Vladimir Sajmenov drew attention to the fact that skiing is possible until 22.00 in the ski center, which does not have parking problems, and it is impossible to ski after 16.00 in Uludağ. Sajmenov said that many vacationers, especially from Istanbul, prefer Borovets because of the affordable prices.