3. Invisible obstacle to the airport

  1. Invisible obstacle to the airport: 3. An unexpected obstacle emerged at the airport: Filling. Despite the 800 million cubic meters of filling, it is claimed that there will be collapses on the runways because ...
    Istanbul's 3. Esen Arpat, the geologist who researched the area where the airport will be constructed, said that the 800 million cubic meters will be filled in the areas where the runways will be built, but despite these fills, there will be great crashes on the tracks due to the nature of the land. Arpat, in his article published in Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik, made the following determinations:
    Pist The acceptable runway slope limit for international runways is low. Since the selected area roughly lies between the ridge in the 130m elevation in the south and the Black Sea coast in the north, bringing the runways to the low slope has to be done in large quantities.
    Although the amount of this fill varies slightly from various calculations, it is about 800 million cubic meters. The thickness of the filler to be made is very large and generally increases in the direction of the sea.
    When the 10-meter highway fills are remembered in time, often in a short time, in a way that disturbs traffic, the frightening result of this remarkable thick fill is easy to understand.
    The fact that the airplane tracks have a very small tolerance to sit, especially when they are sitting, is an issue that everyone who gets on the plane will understand very easily. The planned new airport has six tracks ranging in length from 3500 to 4100m. Runways 60m wide; but there are large areas of the runways along the runways, the sideways to be used for emergency landing, if necessary, the connection paths between the tracks.
    When you add other large areas that the planes will use in the apron area, it is seen that the tolerance of this part of the airport area to fill fill is very low. Bunlar
    Eler The land outside the southern region, which has not lost its natural forest characteristics, consists of the hills formed by the wastes of the quarries and the pit areas between these hills. The 66 of the 16 lake, which fills these cavities, is deeper than 15 meters. Of these, the 8 is deeper than the 20 meter. Among them are reaching the depth of 29m. Especially in the base of large lakes up to 6,5m thickness of the slime is known to take place.
    The peaks of the operating waste forming the hills reach 30m thickness even under the main runways. The real scary condition is that the runways are located on the fillers of very different thicknesses, even when viewed along their width, not in their length.
    Some of the runways coincide with the 20m thickness of the quarry, while the other side coincides with a lake. The quarry waste in most cases is in the form of heaps spilled without considering a plan and special application. A picture showing the loose, unstable qualities of such waste stacks is included in this paper. These masses will be seized and seated in large quantities under the fillings to be made on them. Bu
    Ac There are two major problems that this incident will create. The settlements in these heaps will be of varying amounts from one place to another as a result of their irregular composition, ie the different locations of the runway will undergo different settlements.
    The other big problem is that these settlements will go down to acceptable levels and the settlements will take many years even where they are randomly organized. So let's refill, wait, do not have the chance to say we do the runway later.
    The seating discussed above is the settlement where the hills, the ridges, and the ridges, which are located on the site, will be placed under their load. However, approximately 800 million cubic meters of additional filling to bring the runways to the desired slope will be seated in very large sizes. In the event that it does not consist of solid rocks that will not sit under its own load, each fill will sit. Even the fillings made by using very special tools and with the utmost care will be over time. Moreover, it is not possible to provide the filler mixture required to carry out a fill of said size from the area at acceptable distances.
    There are several ways to accelerate the filling of the seal; however, it is possible to accelerate the sitting of the filler in said thickness and diffuseness using these methods, but is possible on paper. bu
    Tad At this point, there is an unpleasant surprise on the horizon, even for the Istanbulites who are accustomed to the surprises. When the forest is plundered, the hills are chipped and the line is applied to the filler, the previously concealed reality will begin to be voiced. Sah It is the only feasible solution to use the rock in the formation of the filler kaplı. These areas are forested areas west of Kemerburgaz and southwest of Kilyos.
    It seems already, but when it comes to “helpless ares these forests will be attacked. I mean, süre Let's not go around here, but the husband should live longer in Istanbul?
    Another solution can be driven further into the market. This solution proposal will be used in the airport fillings as appropriate equipment to be released from ıs Kanal Istanbul ıs excavation.
    Unfortunately, there is no hope for this project which is an adventure in its own right with the help of our day. In fact, even if the channel in question is made, only a small portion of the excavation equipment will be required for the airport.


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