3. airport and Canal Istanbul is in danger

  1. Is it in danger and Channel Istanbul airport: December 17 Operation Turkey rocked the then Prime Minister Erdogan also pointed out that two concerns emerged. One of Turkey's credit rating, financing problems of the other is a giant project!
    December 25 operations within the scope of the detention of the requested names of Turkey's giant project to the signing of the names in place when applied to a court injunction to these names out of 7 businessman's goods, and recently was removed from the decision of the measure in question with the decision of the court. The common aspects of the businessmen, who were taken to take measures, came to the forefront when they aspired to the construction of many giant projects, especially the 3rd airport project.
    Prime Minister Erdogan also voiced frequently warned that the difficulty in finding project financing and Turkey's credit note emerged of concern that it might fall.
    all according to the news Kenan Biter from Haber7 these developments were taking place in Turkey's rating yet more new investment grade releasing Fitch Ratings, Moody's and Japan Credit Rating has arrived three international credit statements in succession from the rating agencies.
    In the statements made; Fitch Ratings, the weakness in the last decade of the Turkish lira, Turkey's corporate credit profiles will not affect in serious, but the continuation of this weakness and increased, saying they will create downward pressure on the 2014 credit rating, Moody's is; internal politics that create significant risks for Turkey, but Turkey's 'Baa3' credit rating and noted that stable of the rating outlook reversal of the improvement in public finances indicating that reflect these risks or external capital flows sudden and permanent way down the credit ceases downside risks occur.
    This latest Japanese credit rating agency on the explanations of the latest events in a statement from the Japanese Credit Rating, rising political risks present level posed on the country node negative effect was expressed that not enough reason alone now for a possible note changes in Turkey.
    Professor of Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA), Director of Economic Affairs (SETA), whose comments were received from the international credit rating agencies and the concerns about financing and credit ratings expressed after the 25 December operation. Dr. Erdal Tanas Karagöl and ALB Securities Research Director Yeliz Khan, contrary to popular belief that a decline on the horizon waiting for the inconvenience and expressed Turkey's credit rating giant pulling in the sense of project finance.
    The statements made in recent days and considering the recent developments in Turkey's credit rating in the assessment of Prof. Dr. Erdal Tanas Karagöl stated that the most important item that credit rating agencies take into consideration from objective data is public finances, because credit ratings show the level of the country's ability to pay its debt,
    "In this sense, the sustainability of public finances in the successful performance of Turkey's economy and debt investors and lenders in terms of Turkey's credit rating will remain investment grade. Also note the most important indicator of the market in line with the recent developments in the CDS premiums, which Turkey still improve, also, it has a low level of countries with higher notes from him. He said so unaffected by shock and medium-term targets for the reduction of credit in case of continuation of affixing the way of Turkey's economy is not in question, "he said.
    Taking the current situation in public sector data and banks' situation is examined view of Turkey is quite positive stated that Yeliz Karabulut terms, at this point of losing the notes made investments in Turkey but also more political risks drew attention to be with that negatively affected by the rise and the economy.
    Explaining that the credit rating will decline, giving a risky outlook signal and trying to stop high-speed economic growth, Dr. Karagöl said, “The liquidity need and financing of the current account deficit will be difficult with the low macroeconomic outlook, and it will be difficult to finance the country through the interest rate increase. will be expected to apply to the withdrawal method .. therefore could not bring about the fall of a possible interest rate hike and Turkey constitutes a source of serious structural problems will return to the high interest rates low exchange rate cycle. In order to prevent this situation, high growth rate and public finance discipline should be maintained. ” said.
    Regarding the warning that major projects such as the 17rd Airport, Kanal Istanbul, which was also frequently mentioned by Prime Minister Erdogan after the 3th of December operation, may have difficulties in finding financing, the cost of large projects will increase with the latest developments and the decision of the FED to reduce the purchase of bonds, but the lack of funding. Stressing that the situation never be said Dr. Karagöl, "the current macroeconomic conditions in Turkey's economy is strong and stable. With this view, it has been separated from many developed and developing countries. When it looks at Turkey's share in the moment of the Gross National Product, the main indicators that have looked with envy of many countries in the world. In the first nine months of 2013, 4 percent growth was achieved and despite the shocks in the economy, 7,4 percent inflation rate was successful. All this at the cost of the project for reasons arts, cautious stance on fiscal and monetary policy will contribute to the appearance of Turkey. Thus, there will be no serious problems such as the projects, which are the main target of shocks to the economy, cannot find financing. "Expressed in the form.
    Life will be passed on financing of major projects in line with the Karagöl Khan made a statement, Turkey's concerned about the financing of the project Considering the economy of the risks that he did not appear in the coming period.
    Economic actors should continue to maintain the macroeconomic conditions as well as the resistance against internal and external shocks. transferring existing projects as soon as possible, therefore, is also important in terms of sustainable economic growth.

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