2 Tram Arrives More

2 Tramway Arrived More: 2 from the trams taken from China by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality came to Samsun with more TIRs.
In the first days of December, the first train from China to Samsun and the 39 meter-long train then reached the city with the TIRs and the 2 train. The 2 TIR was launched as an 4 truck. In addition to SAMULAŞ engineers, Chinese engineers from China took part in the assembly of the tram. The tram tracks, which are being lifted with the help of cranes and are being put on the tracks, are planned to be started in the coming days.
SAMULAŞ A.Ş. provides information about the trams coming to Samsun. General Manager Akın Üner, l 5 units purchased from CNR Company of People's Republic of China 1 15 20 days before the service of the Samsuns had entered service. Our second and third tram are now in Samsun. We're gonna put these trams on the track. After the assembly process, our trams will be tested. These trams will be presented to the people of Samsun at the latest within the 30-2 days. Our last 1 tram set off from China. They will come to Samsun in the month of 5. Thus, in the beginning of March, we will bring our total fleet with 21 to the XNUMX train. After that, the trouble with our trains will be history in Samsun. On



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