14 years to the police striking passengers

14 year to the police who hit passengers in the metrobus: Metrobüste police officer Samet E. in the event that ended with the death of a person, 14 year imprisonment was asked to cause death in negligence.
12 in Taksim Police officer Samet E., who had fun on November 2013, got on the metrobus from Mecidiyeköy to return home with his girlfriend. Allegedly because of the crowded double metrobus had to stand in separate places. When it comes to the stop of the bus stop in Bahcelievler, the police officer Samet E., the doors closed and metrobus began to move. Metrobüste Ugurcan G. and Cenk Ocak, laughed at the situation between the police officer was fighting.
Shot in the air
Metrobus to go to his girlfriend to go to the police officer Şirinevler'de descended on the two friends descended in the indictment, the police officer Eken fired a hand in the air, said the situation uneasy. Again in the indictment, two friends got on the metrobus and started to fight in the metrobus, Uğurcan G. who took the police's falling gun during the turmoil escaped and the gun exploded while the officer wanted to get his gun and hit Cenk Ocak. January died, Ugurcan G. was arrested in the incident, the police officer was released pending trial. The prosecutor requested 14 years in prison for indictment about the police officer and for shooting with guns that could create armed threat, fear panic and anxiety.
The other defendant, Uğurcan G., was charged with 7 years of imprisonment for simple injury and negligence.

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