Ziganada Ski Pleasure Begins

Skiing started in Ziganada: The skiing experience began when the snow thickness reached the desired level in the Silver Ski Center on Zigana Mountain, which is located in the Torul district of Gümüşhane.

Starting from the first hours of the day, especially the citizens of the Black Sea coast of the region, as well as the citizens of the province of Gumushane Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate of skiers also spent the first day of the season in Zigana. In addition to the athletes and the citizens of the sleds and bags to the Zigana Silver Ski Center in the evening with the children of the Governor of Gümüşhane Dr. Yusuf Mayda, first got on the snow engine, then passed into the driver's seat. Stating that it was a joy after the snow engine, Governor Mayda said, ana Zigana Snow Center has a distinct pleasure in driving both the snow and the snow. We would recommend it. A separate pleasure. Ayrı

Governor of the Federation of the Ski Federation Bayram Yakut, the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and facilities operators, the mechanical facility and the last status information about the Governor Mayda, the District Governor Kurban Kurban Özverin and the Provincial Assembly member Mesut Şen'le found statements to journalists. Zigana Mountain 600 meters long mechanical plant that expresses the Governor Mayda, where the hour service was given to the 850 person, all skiers Zigana Mountain to entertain both, and invited to do sports. Governor Mayda, Papua New Guinea and the place of the old residential neighborhood located in Sulaymaniyah Sulaymaniyah Turkey after spending the winter at the tourist center activities and skiers from all over the world expressed their desire to entertain in Gumushane.

Governor Mayda stated that while the goal of sport is to have fun and do sports, yapmak The main goal of the sport is to have a healthy body. In doing so, we need to avoid the risks. The greatest risk of snow sports is the danger of avalanches. Measures must be taken and all warnings must be observed. In order not to cause any pain, I advise all our athletes to do this sport after taking measures to all our skiers. Herhangi

Mehmet Eroğlu, the manager of Zigana Silver Ski Resort, said that snowfall revives the winter tourism and that they are ready for the season and there are no shortcomings. Snowfall both themselves and the skiers who laughed at the face of the voicing Eroglu, the facility has reached a hundred percent fullness, ski, sled, snow boat, all materials such as skiing motor is ready, he added.