Heavy snowfall traffic in Istanbul has a hard time (Video)

Heavy snowfall in Istanbul had a hard time with traffic: the expected snowfall in Istanbul for the last few days began to show the effects of yesterday evening. Early in the morning to go to work for citizens who had a hard time due to heavy snowfall. Many of the citizens who took into account the warnings made by the authorities from the beginning of the week have used public transport instead of private vehicles. In traffic, there was intensity at certain points. Municipal teams, the citizens of the intensive use of pavements and overpasses are also constantly doing salting work. At some metrobus stops, there was occasional intensity. A citizen who stated that the measures taken are sufficient, bir Metrobus was not very busy. Earlier and better measures were taken compared to previous years. Önceki
Due to heavy snowfall, traffic on the E-5 Highway almost came to a halt.
Citizens on the road for hours reacted to the situation. Metin Kale stated that he was on his way to travel to Avcılar Airport. The road stopped here. In the evening, I will go home with a metrobus, not a car. Akşam
Taxi driver Mehmet Çelik, who said he set off from Sefaköy, said, “I was able to come to the airport junction from Sefaköy in 45 minutes. I have to go to Mecidiyeköy from here, but I don't know how to go ”.



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