Yht Line Construction Shuts Shut Down Handicraft

Construction of the Yht Line Shutters Shutters to the Tradesmen: The demolition of the high-speed train (YHT) bridge in the city center of Eskişehir made the tradesmen unable to work.
The demolition of the bridge where the vehicle and tram passes due to the work of the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) underground crossing line in Eskişehir rendered the tradesmen unable to do business. The workplaces located near the destroyed bridge began to close shutters.
The 'Station Bridge', where vehicles and trams pass in İsmet İnönü Caddesi in Hoşnudiye Mahallesi, was destroyed 3 months ago due to the YHT underground passage construction work. A bus line was temporarily installed next to the collapsed bridge for the passing of the trams, which made the bus station Yunus Emre State Hospital. In this section, which is a single line, one of the trams that make mutual voyages passes while the other one is kept waiting.
The pedestrian path to the Espark AVM, one of the city's biggest shopping malls, which is just across the bridge and collapses every day, is closed. The YHT underground passage line caused the construction of the tram services to be disrupted, and on the other hand negatively affected the tradesmen in the region. More than 3 tradesmen closed shutters in 10 months due to their inability to do business.
Metropolitan Municipality officials suggested that the underground work carried out by Tcdd was delayed. According to the 28- b-2013 article of the protocol signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Tcdd on 4 August 3, the authorities still continue the tunnel works despite the provision that the construction of the closed tunnel and the commissioning of the high-speed train line within the tunnel will be completed by 29 October 2013. noted that it was not completed.

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