Hard reaction to the feet of Yenimahalle cable car line

📩 24/11/2018 12:43

Yenimahalle reacts hard to the feet of the cable car line:
For the ropeway project in Yenimahalle, the citizens of giant gondola planted on the streets of Gürler, Sevgi and Manyas reacted, ilen It is like this is missing, as if a monster's foot is on the street Yen.

Construction of the Metropolitan Municipality of Yenimahalle continued to build the giant feet of the ropeway project, caused the reaction of the citizens.
Yenimahalle Metro Station between the feet of the cable car line between the neighborhood residents were complaining about the situation. Yenikale residents reacted to the giant gondola feet placed on Manyas Street in the neighborhood of Gurler Street and Sevgi Street in Tepealti Neighborhood and fer Manyas on the street ler.


Mumtaz Alacaoğlu stated that the giant foots belonging to the ropeway line between the neighborhood and the street edge create an ugly image and said, hatt They are sewing huge poles in front of the houses. Pedestrians can't walk, vehicles are barely passing. The sound of the drum sounded very good, which was the same. The ropeway looks nice from a distance, when you get close to it, things are reversing, as if a monster's foot is on the street. T


Gulben Agacli, who stated that he is complaining not only for the street dwellers but also for all the Yenimahalle people, said: Ağaç I wondered who it was to sew a huge cableway in the middle of the street. The houses here will be depleted because of the ugly image. Citizens can hardly park their vehicles at the entrance of the cable car. The narrow streets already narrowed because of the cable car.