Who straddled the motherland from all four?

Who knew the motherland with iron knives from all over? “It is these anchors that reduce Ankara-Sivas between ten days and one day. It is these anchors that bring abundance and wealth to arid plains with dry fields. This is not an iron, but a way of gold… ”(From the speech of Applicant İsmet Bey dated 30 August 1930)
Prime Minister on 17 August 2012 Kadıköy-When opening the Kartal metro line, “Where did we get the railroad, with which networks did we equip it… You know, it goes through the Tenth Year Anthem, 'we knit it with iron nets' or something… What did you knit? You are not knitting anything, the ones standing in the middle were obvious. We knit Turkey now with iron nets ... ” However, even on the official website of the General Directorate of State Railways, he wrote "The first 25 years of the Republic is the golden age of railways". With the warning of some writers, especially Sedat Ergin from Milliyet, the Prime Minister must have understood that he made a mistake, one year later, on August 4, 2013, during the test drive ceremony of Marmaray, “Railways with a century and a half past, after having the brightest period in the first 24 years of the Republic It was neglected in more than half a century. We started this railway mobilization. ” But the Prime Minister could not digest this information in Lüleburgaz on December 6, 2013, “What have you done since that anthem, a problem for those who came, did they make a kilometer railway? No, but we are weaving in Turkey with iron mesh, moreover, we are weaving high-speed train ... "We understand the well.
The first 24 year of the Republic is 1923-1947. The Prime Minister '' He's the starter '' 1933 10'de composed. Year March. So, the prime minister's argument is that the construction of the railway has stopped after the 1933. In this case, either the 'golden years' on the site of the Directorate of State Railways is wrong, either the Prime Minister's history or mathematics is weak. Math doesn't go to my forehead, but I can help him fix his history.
In 1923, he founded the Republic of Turkey remain within the borders of Turkey, the Ottoman Empire, about 4.100 km. (according to some sources, 4.600 km.) railway (less than half of it was state), 13.900 km. superstructure completed, 4.450 km. there was only a leveled highway. After the First World War began to lose its popularity in railway, road transport had become popular and functional, but Turkey's new managers were not aware of it. Therefore, the new regime has already devoted most of the very narrow area resources to railway investment. Moreover, for this, they closed their doors to receive foreign aid like their Unionist predecessors, and tried to be roasted with their own oil.
10. This issue was of great importance, as shown in the string ın the first of the four main beginnings ın in the Year Anthem, which portrays Mustafa Kemal in his portrait decorated with motifs on the front of the banknote 1.000, which is the largest of the first emission money in the Republican era, and on the back of the Geyve Strait. There was a picture of the Sakarya railway line, which crossed the Yalçın rocks. (After the Revolution, the Latin alphabet is reprinted from the market to collect this dark blue thousand of the remaining few of the collection value of the 300-500 thousand pounds is said to be between.)
In 1929, the length of the lines managed by state and private companies reached 5.131 km, but the most important argument that the fuss party, Independent Party, which was founded by Ankara's order in the summer of 1930 and was closed by Ankara's order after 98 days, was wasteful by İsmet Pasha's government. shimendifer policy 'had been. The speech made by the applicant İsmet Bey at the opening of the Ankara-Sivas line on August 30, 1930 clearly explained what the government was waiting for from the railway: “Our eyes are bright. Here is the train (…) railway is the steel arm of the Republic. Now Sivas is not far from anywhere. Now Ankara is a daily route for us. We added it to the tip to turn the yellow spike crops under it. It is these anchors that reduce Ankara-Sivas from ten days to one day. It is these anchors that bring abundance and wealth to arid plains with dry fields. It is these anchors that will increase the grain to five liras after tomorrow with a rupee that is now one lira. This is not iron, it is the golden path (…) The path is the core of the earth. The soil that does not hit the pulse means gangrene. In order for the soil to survive, road veins must envelop its body, just like the blood vessels that surround our body. The pulse of the soil should work without stopping for a minute like human's… ”
To this end, the government spent 1931 million TL until the end of 225,6 and covered 1.595 km. As it built a new line, between 1928 and 1931, the 1.843 km Haydarpaşa-Konya, Ankara-Kütahya-Adapazarı lines and Mersin-Adana line (and Haydarpaşa Port) were nationalized, however, according to the rate of time, 128 million He became unable to pay the nationalization cost of the lira because of the Great Depression of 1929. (It would take until 1950 to pay these debts.) After all, only 1950 km until 3.600. railway could be built. The highway built during this period is 10.300 km. It was up. In fact, the government tried hard to raise resources to increase these amounts. As I explained in my article titled “CHP's Road Tax and National Protection Law” dated October 20, 2013, he went to the Road Tax application between 1925 and 1950, but this attempt resulted in disappointment.
DP's Motorway
The abandonment of railroad thoroughly was during the DP Period. The DP's first job was to abandon CHP's conservative economic policies. Troops were sent to Korea in 1950, and NATO entered in 1952. 1954 Celal Bayar, the United States, Eisenhower visited Turkey in 1959. Between 1950 and 1960, 31 agreements were signed between the two countries. Although some of these were military agreements, most of them were related to economic cooperation. especially in agriculture has made great strides thanks to these agreements was leaking from the border with Turkey but mainly changes of consumption of popular American culture and ideology.
Hollywood movies, movies and magazines, comics, Voice of America Radio (VOA) broadcasts, pop and American producer of the tax-duty leaked American cigarettes on the market of the sale as the PX shops for the needs of official American troops in Turkey, gums, called hoops, hula, nylon underwear; We met with fashion such as sandwiches, jeans, dances like Rock 'n' Roll, Twist, Audrey Hepburn style short hair, ponytail or American shave at that time. People and politicians were also happy with this. So much so that the founder of the DP and the President of the period, Celal Bayar, said in his speech in Taksim on 21 October 1957: "We hope so thirty years later that this blessed country will be a small America with a population of 50 million."
Turkey's 'Little America' as a result of being related to our subject, under the guidance of the US oil companies and the automotive industry, Marshall aid and basic transport policy was that the karayolculug with similar loan programs. It was during these years that Vehbi Koç was able to put the Mustang, Cadillac or Chevrolet cars on the doors with the American companies taking over the representations.
But not only the DP period, but also the later years were sad years for the railways. Only 1950 km between 1970-312. railway was built. 1940-180 km per year (according to different figures) before 200. While the railway is being built, an average of 1950 km per year between 1980-30. railway was built. In this period, the emphasis was on increasing the standard of old roads. However, in 1950, an average of 22 km. The speed of Süleyman Demirelli increased to an average of 1970 km in the 40s. Turgut Özal, the cult name of the right tradition that left its mark on the 1980s, went down in history with the pearl “Railway is the choice of communist countries because its transportation is for central control purposes”.
So if you say how many miles a year railroad has been built in the AKP period with the construction of the railway, according to Sedat Ergin's calculations, the average 114 km per year. and the CHP is far behind. So if you arı during the power of 1 km. If there is a ruling that does not even rail, it is not the CHP, the right governments, such as the DP, the AP.

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