UTIKAD President Erkeskin: ”Airports should be Free Zone UT

UTIKAD President Erkeskin: ”Airports should be Free Zone UT
7. International Logitrans Transport Fair, "the Turkish Air Cargo Opportunities and Challenges in Industry" Speaking at a panel discussion on UTIKAD Chairman Turgut Erkeskin, despite the capacity increase in the Turkish air cargo transport, noting that serious infrastructure problems and lack of capacity there, "Turkey's' In order to be a regional hub, airports should be configured as free zones of cargo facilities, he said.
Turkish Cargo Vice President Halit Anlatan moderated by Schenker Arkas Air Cargo Exhibition Branch Manager Mahfi Kızılkaya, Arçelik Airline / Cargo Logistics Purchasing Manager Sanem Sipahi also participated as a speaker and developments in the air cargo sector and the current problems were discussed. Turgut Erkeskin , 3. Turkey's air cargo airport in the 'hub' underscoring that have the potential to take that said: "We are yet no regard Turkey as an" international hub "could not be. Singapore is a beautiful example. All airlines use Singapore as the region's hub. The reason why Singapore is so successful is that its physical infrastructure in the cargo facilities is large and modern, and that the customs legislation, in particular, will allow for rapid flows in the conditions of the age. Turkey 3. opening the airport can be a 'hub'. But the world's multinational companies of Turkey in the Middle East, when you want to use as a distribution base in the Caucasus and North Africa not only to your capacity, will look at issues for infrastructure and legislation should be considered as a whole. Road and rail links must be provided and facilitating activities in customs applications should also include air transport. Karayolu
In UTIKAD President speaking, the legal infrastructure with physical optimization needed to ensure the effective air cargo transport in Turkey and efficiently also emphasized that good should work, and these two issues in particular is a serious bottleneck faced voiced thick at the two international airports of Istanbul.
Erkeskin also stated that the inadequacy and unhealthy working environment of Atatürk Airport, especially the exporters, caused difficulties in terms of both exporters and logistics companies. He continued: In this process, as the logistics sector, as well as physical infrastructure, the customs standards 3 2020 hours to work to set the standards and 'Permission Sender' application is also in question for the airline. Another expectation is that cargo agents can prepare aircraft pallets in their warehouses outside the port customs area. Bir
To ensure the optimization of air transport under the leadership of IATA, CARGO that 2000 program execution and Turkey THY also Erkeskin this project is an expression that takes place within the framework of C2000 project, "Safety, e-AWB, e-FREIGHT" applications to our country and to be placed all over the world gave information about the study.
Turgut Erkeskin, a member of UTIKAD, Pegasus and MNG, invited Turkish Cargo to become a member of UTIKAD. Directorate, DHMI, Customs Administration, airline companies and UTIADA members will participate in an airline symposium said.

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