We don't want to die

📩 29/11/2018 17:42

We want to overpass do not want to die: When we say to prevent loss of life, the citizens are tortured in China. The railway line was intercepted with iron bars, but when the overpass could not be made, the citizen had to be forced.
Authorities think that the railroad crashes have been prevented from getting into the railroads by some means, but no preparations were made about how to cross the railings for years. Citizens found a solution by breaking bars, but TCDD closed the broken bars again. The citizen with the job in front of the train line has to cross kilometers on foot.
Providing information about the issue, the District Headman of the Industrial Zone Aslan Uslu, to prevent accidents TCDD'ın iron gratings, said: tar This was not a solution of iron bars.
TCDD by making the railways think that the train crashes were prevented to a certain extent, but they did not like what they think. A neighborhood resident was deprived of her life by trying to cross bars. We request the authorities to make the overpass here soon. Yet Uslu conveyed the issue to the Governor Ali Kolat, said he was interested in the subject.
Uslu, who demanded the overpass to be built in their neighborhoods, “Before the railroad crossings, citizens were easily going to the market, the market and the mosque.
The 100-meter road was walking in 5 minutes. But after the railings were made, the 100-meter was the road for miles. Citizens go to the mosque one hour before the house. 100 meters between houses with mosque. But after the railings are made, they walk for miles. It is nice to make iron bars, but the overpass should be made to our neighborhood. Demir
We don't want to stay without mothers
. We want to overpass ir, ere We don't want to die r, uz We don't want to be without a mother, we don't want to be brothers en and iyor We want overpass, uz said the neighborhood residents,
Many mortal and wounded accidents occur in this position. We want the overpass and underpass here, we don't want much. For this reason, we ask the authorities to make overpasses. Bu

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