The sewage of Uludağ will not pollute water resources

Uludag's sewage to contaminate water sources from Uludag Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter, nature will no longer be released into the sewer.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe from Ak Parti said that within the scope of the new ropeway project that will reach the hotels area, a sewerage network will be laid using the route opened. Noting that the wastes in Uludağ will be downloaded to Bursa and combined with the city sewerage with the project, Altepe stated that by using this route of 13 meters in total, the natural gas and electricity problem of Uludağ will be completely eliminated.

Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe went to Uludağ, where the start of the ski season was given. Making a statement here, Altepe said that the new ropeway project in Bursa with Teferrüç and the Hotels region could not be initiated in the Sarıalan-Hotels Region, which was brought to court due to tree cutting. Stating that they are waiting for the decision of the judiciary, Altepe said, “I think this problem, which was brought to the judiciary due to the cutting of trees, will be resolved in the coming days. If the works start, the new ropeway will start by summer. The cable car route has a special importance for us. We will move the canalization in the hotels area in Uludağ to Bursa with a 13-meter work. Thus, the water basins in Uludağ will not be polluted and nature will not be damaged. By using this route, natural gas will be brought to Uludağ and new electricity installations will be installed to prevent interruptions ”.

Stating that it is inevitable to cut a few hundred trees for the cable car project, sewerage, natural gas and electricity installations, Recep Altepe stated that if the road expansion work is done, tens of thousands of trees will be damaged in Uludağ.

President Recep Altepe stated that if the judicial problem in the ropeway project is eliminated, Uludağ can serve tourism not only in winter but in summer, within a maximum of three years. Recep Altepe announced that the problems of the project on the route of Teferrüç and Sarıalan were resolved, and that passenger transportation in modern cabins for 8 people will start in January on this route where a test drive is made.


In the meantime, Doğader General Secretary Caner Gökbayrak, who brought the works in Uludağ, Sarıalan and the Hotels region to the judiciary together with the Bursa Bar Association because of illegal logging, said, “In the project prepared, the cable car would pass over the high poles and the trees would not be cut. That's why we gave consent to the studies at that time. Later, they left the project and cut the trees. It's a national park. The National Park has its own laws. Therefore, the court decided to stop it. In fact, commercial transactions cannot be made in national parks. Even grazing is not possible. Uludağ issue is very important. a topic that has cost Turkey. We are not against the cable car line. That's why we didn't sue at first. It is not possible for us to hinder the project. "We just protect nature," he said.

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