Giant Projects in Uludag

Giant Projects in Uludağ Will Be Finished After 2,5 Years: Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe stated that they are working to make Uludağ a place that attracts tourists for 4 seasons and said, “The projects have been continuing since July. In 2,5 years, the summit will have a very beautiful appearance ”.

Speaking about the projects in Uludağ, President Recep Altepe said that from January, vacationers will make a panoramic journey to the summit with the new cable car line. Noting that Uludağ is one of the first places that come to mind when it comes to skiing, Altepe said, “The season begins in Uludağ. There is a white snow cover. There is 80 centimeters of snow. Skiing is available on certain tracks. It will be a good season until March. "This is a fun center for skiers," he said.

Noting that there is an intense demand for Uludağ, Altepe said, “Tourists come here from all over the world. Most domestic holidaymakers come from Istanbul. Most tourists come from Russia. Arab tourists are getting stronger in Bursa. Uludağ also gets its share. All powers of Uludağ were given to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. We started our work to make this place even more beautiful. "We are currently closely interested in water, sewerage, fire systems and necessary warehouses."

Altepe said the construction of the part of the new cable car line is over, said Altepe.

“With the cable car, transportation will be easier. Hopefully, we will take the cable car up to the summit of Uludag by spring. The cable car line, which is currently under construction, will operate with 12 times more capacity than the previous line. With the world's longest cable car line of 8 meters, both the view will be enjoyed and easier transportation will be provided. 500 minutes to go to the hotels. Sarıalan completely renewed the line. There will be no need to use the highway to come to Uludağ. This will make a great contribution to Bursa. People will reach the summit with a beautiful panoramic ride on this cable car. "

Stating that they started the projects after the transfer of authority to use Uludağ for 4 seasons, Altepe said, “There is a bed capacity of over 10 thousand here. We got the authorizations right now in July. These areas are complete national park areas. Currently Uludağ seems to be the center of winter sports. Uludağ is used only 3 months a year. In this way, the hotels will be saved from being idle. A congress center will be built here. We have to finish these facilities within 3 years. He has the congress center. Facilities will be built where sports clubs can camp. There will also be daily facilities. We do not want to have parking lots in the area together with the parking lots. The projects of all of them are drawn. We have a 3-year period starting from July. 6 months have passed. We will have completed the projects in 2,5 years, ”he said.

Expressing that Uludağ is a very special mountain, Altepe said, “Uludağ is a mountain with spirit. We have 7 crater lakes in Uludağ. There are many special regions of Uludağ around us. Uludag monk mountain. A mountain with over 100 monasteries. A mountain with hundreds of destinations. There are so many places to walk that we need to make the best use of it ”.