Cable car action in Uludag

Uludağda cableway action was done: Winter tourism in Turkey's press release suggesting that a group of activists were plundered in one of the centers of attraction cable car project planned in Uludag made from trees.

Nilüfer City Council Uludag Working Group led by a group of non-governmental organizations, came together in Uludag and planned to be built in the region of the cable car project was plundered by claiming that the trees were plundered.

On behalf of the participants, Nilüfer City Council Uludağ Working Group President Fahir Denizman read the statement. Denizman, X As it is known, the massacre of thousands of trees between the Sarıalan and the Hotels Region for the new cable car project was started in the 15 July 2013, and immediately after the Bursa Bar Association and Doğader, Bursa 2. The Administrative Court has filed an action for annulment. Em

Stating that they are not against the ropeway to reach Uludağ, Denizman suggested the route between Teferrüç and Sarıalan, which the old ropeway used as an alternative route.

Noting that Uludağ is one of the rare regions in the world with its natural riches, Denizman spoke as follows' In fact, according to the National Parks Law, the natural ecosystem cannot be broken, the wildlife cannot be destroyed and the defense military facilities needed will be needed in any way whatsoever. No building and installation cannot be operated. We call out to all the authorities here. Uludag must remain as a national park and National Park Laws should be applied. Ulu

Following the announcement, the group organized a march to Sarıalan and made observations in the region.