TÜVASAŞ workers poured sweat in the football tournament

TÜVASAŞ workers sweat in the football tournament: TÜVASAŞ workers sweated for the championship in the tournament organized on behalf of Türk-İş President Ergün Atalay: TÜVASAŞ General Manager İnal: This strengthens the unity and solidarity between them. ”
Turk-İş President Ergun Atalay football tournament held on behalf of Turkey Wagon Industry Inc. (TÜVASAŞ) workers fought for the championship.
On behalf of Atalay, who started workmanship and union activities in TÜVASAŞ, a tournament was organized with the participation of employees from various units. Workers working in the workshop in the final match went on the field in two teams.
Atalay the final match from the stands of the workers, gave the championship trophy to the team.
TÜVASAŞ General Manager Erol Inal told the AA correspondent for the tournament, organizing organizations that increase the morale and motivation of the workers, he said.
Stating that they attach great importance to the tournament held in the carpet field in the factory garden, İnal said, “Ergün Atalay has also worked here for years. He is currently the leader of Türk-İş. Our workers also expressed their wish to organize such a tournament on his behalf, and we gladly accepted it. ”
Inal, workers in the factory said they wanted to be happy in the social life, said they were happy to organize the tournament.
"Our workers need morale and motivation," said Inal, "Here the union leaders are watching the match with the workers. This strengthens the unity and solidarity between them. Thanks to the tournament, we contributed to the social life of our workers. This will return to the Turkish economy as a business efficiency. ”
Demirol-İş Sakarya Branch President Cemal Yaman noted that the tournament is very meaningful for Atalay.
Reminding that Atalay has been working at TÜVASAŞ for years as a worker, Yaman said, “This is a very old factory, it has been standing since 1952. Many people ate bread here. Ergün Atalay is one of them. We organized this tournament for Ergün Atalay and our workers to merge even more. Our older brother Ergün did not leave us alone in the final match and it was a very nice tournament. ”

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