Turkey's Erciyes Alps 150 Million Euros Investment

Turkey's Alps Erciyes 150 Million Euros Investment: Turkey's longest and Erciyes on the mountain with the most ski runs by Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, which started in 2005, Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project, the amount of investment made so far found 150 million euros.

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Erciyes Inc. Chairman of the Board of Directors Murat Cahid Cıngı, AA correspondent, said in a statement, working in the summer as the mountain management eat his fruit in the winter.

Stating that construction works are being carried out all over Erciyes Mountain in the summer, Cıngı stated that compared to 2012, the mechanical facility and passenger carrying capacity increased by nearly 100 percent.

Cıngı said that Erciyes Ski Center has reached the track length of 102 kilometers together with what has been done this year, said:

"We have currently Turkey's longest ski slopes. In addition, all of our 26 runways on an area of ​​34 million square meters are integrated with each other. From four different entry points, our skiers can enter the tracks and slide the entire tracks. The same system exists in the Alps. While crossing from one track to another in the Alps, the country is being changed as ski resorts are built on mountain ranks. In Erciyes, our skiers can ski on the piste they want. There is no such a runway anywhere in Turkey. This aspect of Turkey's Erciyes' has the distinction of being the Alps. "

Noting that each of the ski slopes in Erciyes has different difficulty levels, Cıngı emphasized that every skier can choose the piste according to his / her ability, taste and difficulty level.

- Snow reinforcement to tracks with snow machines

Cıngı stated that all the ski slopes are equipped with snowmobiles and make snow supplements to the slopes, and stated that the snowfall in Erciyes this season is one time because the ground does not hold snow because it is in its shape.

Cıngı said that by operating the snow systems that came into service this year and recording that they produce snow on the tracks, “We opened the season at Hacılar Kapı 2 weeks ago and at Tekir Kapı about 10 days ago. By producing artificial snow on our main tracks, we snowed our tracks and made them ready for skiing. Our ski lovers enjoy the pleasure of skiing in Erciyes regardless of weekdays and weekends. Hopefully the rains will be satisfactory from now on, we can put all our tracks to the service of our skiers. ”

- Season will be extended for 1 month

Cıngı stated that there are 150 artificial snow machines on all main runways, and that snow machines produce snow from the pond in the Tekir region and the waters taken from the artificial pond on the upper side of the lifos station at the Hacılar gate.

Cıngı, who emphasized that the temperature value should decrease to below 5 degrees for snow, said that the temperature in Erciyes fell to below 5 degrees, especially at night, and that they could produce snow for the tracks.

Cıngı stated that the tracks were made skiable by snowing:

“Thanks to snowing units, we have the opportunity to open the season earlier and close later. In Erciyes, the ski season generally started in mid-January and ended in mid-April. After we produce the snow early and provide ice on the tracks, the melting time of the snow becomes longer. We are also taking the ski season early. If we didn't have a snow system, we probably wouldn't have opened the ski season on any side of the mountain right now. As a matter of fact, it snowed in Hacılar Kapı last year in January. We opened the season in the middle of January This year, thanks to our snow systems, we opened the season in the first week of December. It's already a total of 4 months. When we increase this for a month, it corresponds to 25 percent. This is an important period for the ski season. ”

- The amount of investment reached 150 million euros

Cıngı stated that the total project size of the Erciyes Winter Sports and Tourism Center Project, which started in 2005, was determined as 275 million euros, but they expect the total investment amount of the project to reach 300 million euros.

“As the municipality, we spent around 150m euros, including infrastructure work, roads, sewers, runways, mechanical facilities. 80 percent of the planned work is more or less finished. From now on, it seems that all of these investments will reach 300 million Euros with the social sector investments of our private sector hotels. It is a project that will reach 300 million Euros when our congress centers, football fields, centers for summer camps, summer sleds, artificial sled centers are formed. As an infrastructure, we are now a world-class ski resort. ”

- The best mountain roads in the world were made

Cıngı stated that Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality attaches great importance to road construction works within the scope of the project and said that they made the best mountain roads in the world for transportation to Erciyes.

Noting that visitors coming from Kayseri-Hisarcık road travel to Erciyes by traveling on a modern 4-lane road, Cıngı said, “There is no such perfect mountain road anywhere in the world. Not only us, but also professional climbers and skiers coming to Erciyes. Our roads are safe as well as wide. We make great efforts to prevent roads leading to Erciyes during the winter period. During the season, our routes are closed once or twice. We can mobilize all our teams and open it for transportation again in a short time. ”

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