Transist Collective Transportation Symposium and Fair (Photo Gallery)

Transist Mass Transit Symposium and Fair: Transist 6 organized as part of Public Transport Week. Transportation Symposium and Fair started in Istanbul Congress Center.
IETT, organized in order to bring all public transportation institutions in our country under one roof in a common language and understanding, and to promote the culture of public transportation. Public Transportation Week VI. Transist 2013 Transportation Symposium and Fair Opening Ceremony was held at Istanbul Congress Center. Mr. Ahmet Selamet, Deputy Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, and General Manager of IETT Operations, attended the ceremony held by Hazım Körmükçü. Hayri Baraçlı Hak-İş Confederation President Mahmut Arslan and many sector representatives attended the event.

The transportation sector is very important in the development of the country
Speaking at the opening of the symposium Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ahmet Selamet contributed to the development of the country's transport sector in the beginning of the transportation, stating that a driving force in the development of society, he said. Selamet stated that they offer quality, comfortable and safe transportation service as municipality and added: ın Istanbul 2023 transportation master plan was prepared. We prepared the road map that will carry our city to 2023 according to the requirements of the era. We have prepared the traffic density map. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality mobile traffic application to the mobile phone application is almost not. Ediy said.

Istanbul's bus fleet has been completely renewed
Both in the railways, as well as high-speed trains and divided road with investments between Turkey and the four corners of an iron network, voicing interconnected with high-speed trains and divided road investment Salvation, "Mr. more came to the fore in recent years in this area under the leadership of our Prime Minister. Kanal Istanbul, Marmaray, third airport, new railway lines are obvious examples. Recently, the Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train will go down to 3 hours. Today, there are daily 26 million trips in Istanbul. In 2023 this figure will be 36 million. We allocate the largest share in investments for transportation. In the last two years we bought new buses 1705 to IETT, we are launching the period of smart buses, buses with bicycle apparatus are on the way. After a short time, our citizens will start to use Akbil or Istanbulkart in minibuses. We have bought around 3 thousand new buses along with Bus AS. Istanbul's bus fleet was completely renewed, rejuvenated and modernized. İstanbul

We strive for the dissemination of public transportation
Speaking at the opening of the symposium General Manager Dr. Hayri Baraçlı, in his speech, stated that they set out in order to realize a worldwide organization. Reminding that the Transist was the fourth this year, Baraçlı said, ünc We are in an effort to bring sustainability to an important point. While doing these, we organize symposiums and workshops that will bring out city mobility and difference. Many of the authorities of the public transport are here. This year, much more intense than the previous years and at a very different point in the public transportation will provide a culture of change that will enable to spread. Göre He said.
Istanbul 15 outpaces the 142 country of the world
The main theme of this year's Transist activities is X 4M led, which consists of Management, Mobility, Maintenance and Manufacture. Baraçlı said that Istanbul is the world's largest city with 15 population. made. IETT, private public buses, metrobus, nostalgic tram and Beyoglu-Karaköy tunnel line with more than 142 over a billion passengers transported annually, said: A large number of 1 million people are transported by Marmaray which is one of the major projects with a daily average of 29 and 80. Transportation service is a long way. We need to have a culture of public transport that takes time, cost and human factor into account. In order to ensure the sustainability of service quality, we must not forget that the human factor is the most important factor. Because the accumulated work force is one of the most critical elements of public transportation. Çünkü

We have created a new model in Turkey
1705 new bus purchases İETT create a new model that expresses Baraçlı in Turkey with; Or Thus, companies have the chance to make R & D. In this way, they have the opportunity to present their products in European standards. Last year we created a platform for the domestic engine. If we start the domestic production as a result of the workshops and the reports obtained in the last year, we will have the chance to fulfill some of the activities with the fact that the industry can reach to the most extreme points on behalf of our country. Geç

We serve with the 15 thousand laborers in the public transportation of Istanbul
Hak-İş Chairman Mahmut Arslan, in his speech, said that they serve the mass transportation of Istanbul with approximately 15 thousand laborers. Ş Istanbul is a center of attraction, but it is also the center of some of the problems, ğinden said Arslan. But they are always willing to take a great risk in order to bring the passengers safely and to protect their health. Ama

We must disseminate the public transport culture together
Arslan stated that the popularization of the public transportation culture was an important task especially in the big and modern cities. For this reason, we will continue our contribution and support for the popularization of the public transport culture, the voluntary acceptance of the society and not the imposition of it. Let's prepare IETT together for the future and build our future together. İ

After the speeches, the fair was opened. The first Turkish trolleybus, called 'Tosun', was produced by the IETT craftsmen, which was produced by 45 years ago.


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