Trabzona rail system condition

Trabzona rail system is mandatory: concession holder Tanju Akıncıoğlu news61TV Aslan Kar's prepared and presented Mascara show was the guest of the live broadcast. Akıncıoğlu said that light rail system is a must for Trabzon
Increased traffic harassment Akıncıoğlu Normally harassed the abuse. People are harassed in traffic. They should be given a heavy penalty. I have a heavy vehicle license. I drove in the truck, but I'm scared to go on my private car in traffic. The driver who harassed another vehicle with his tools should also be given heavy punishment.

Akıncıoğlu stated that Trabzon's light rail system is a must, ı Mr. Mayor says that light rail system to Trabzon is not suitable for Trabzon. Where's he doing this? Trabzon driver and automobile association. His explanation is very significant. Why is he doing there? Is the driver to look cute to the shopkeepers. The driver gives his message to the tradesman for the vote. It says that the driver's shopkeepers will not make light rail system to Trabzon. Management is a very important task. The work of knowledge is the work of love, the work of reason. If it does not light snow, you give these poor workers an oar in the hands of the cold workers do not do this job cold in this cold. For him, the rail system is a must. The mayor says the number is insufficient, but he speaks incomplete. Why is it missing? Trabzon was the capital city. Light rail is now a must.

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