Istanbul Traffic Sharing Solution Yolyola

Sharing Solution for Istanbul Traffic Yolyola: 'Yolyola' is an alternative to those who are overwhelmed by Istanbul's traffic: Sharing vehicles with people on the same route as you. The system is both environmentally friendly and contributes to reducing vehicle load in traffic.
Every morning we talk about the gravity of Istanbul traffic. It is not just the flowing bridges and the Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Station, where three people per square meter fall. This uncontrolled traffic attracts the perpetuity of the environment as much as we do. At least 70 of carbon monoxide emission in metros originates from cars. A single car leads to 250 grams of carbon emissions per kilometer. An average driver, 20.000 km per year, causes 5000 to release carbon. Only 1000 cars can be removed from traffic every year, 400 bin means that the air pollution that the tree can clean up. '' is the road to the empty roads' roads to fill the road '', one of the important steps taken to solve this ossified problem. The team of seven aims to relieve both the environment and the traffic with the system they have established.
Sign up and choose your friend
'Yolyola', which we listen to from the site team Barış Akbaş, Ozan Akkoyun and Arda Aşkın, is a vehicle sharing system. Every day in the traffic on the mind of tens of people is based on an idea. It takes 10 seconds to sign up for Yolyola, which brings together passengers using the same route in Istanbul traffic. After registering from Facebook, you choose your route and prospective travel companion. In particular, the same hours every day on the same route drivers and passengers who travel site aims to bring together, in Turkey, the most clear example of sharing newly flourishing economy. Although similar projects have not received much interest, 'Yolyola' has reached the 1500 user in a short time due to the sharing spirit that emerged with Gezi, perhaps because the internet has removed people from anonymity. 45 is the percentage of users in the system as if the cliché of the 'trust problem', which is the most blocked point of such projects, has been demolished. Although Yolyola aims to benefit the environment and the economy, it is a socialization tool for the people who work alone at the desk and spend their hours alone in traffic. Thanks to Yolyola from your neighbor who live in the same neighborhood and work in the same business center.
Coffee award with ekopuan
The system, which is mostly used in arteries such as Maslak-Büyükdere-Barbaros Boulevard, is rewarding its users with 'Ekopuan' given per journey. The 'Ekopuan', calculated from the driver's model and fuel consumption, is slightly higher than that of the passengers. With these points, users can benefit from the discounts and benefits of some brands. Olac We wanted to reward the users by ordering the coffee that they drank at least that day because they participated in an eco-friendly project, layarak said Barış Akbaş, one of the founders of the site, who stated that in the coming days, more eco-friendly brands will be included in the project. based on the sharing economy in the world, the only acceptable application area from Turkey Yolyola of the largest organizations, environmentalists hope other projects will follow.

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