Kütahya Transportation to meet with the Bellows Bus

Kütahya Transportation Passenger Bus met: Kütahya Municipality, the city planned to be used in the transportation of two trolley bus line took two bellows.
The public transport bus, which is the substructure of the trolleybus line planned for public transportation in Kütahya, organized its first expedition with the participation of the Mayor Mustafa İça today at Dumlupınar University Campus.
In the urban public transportation, two bellows buses, which are the preliminary work of the trolleybus line, which is among the vision projects of Kütahya Municipality, organized the first time today Mayor Mustafa İça.
Zafertepe Dumlupınar University Central Campus 150 people who will work on the route to the wheel of the bus passing the Mayor Mustafa Kuta Kutahya, bellows buses is the first step of the trolleybus and Kütahya one of the vision projects, he said.
Kütahya Private Public Buses received by the coach of the bellows bus transportation will be intense between the DPÜ Germiyan Campus and DPU Center campus will record between the Ica, Yer As you know this is an environmental project, and the point we came to public transport should now break the Kütahya shell. In the vision project we prepared for this project, we first prepared a project as a rail system and as a result of preparing the feasibility of this project, we concluded that the rail system is not economical for Kütahya but it would be useful to establish a trolleybus line which could be a model for the provinces in the system up to a thousand people like 500. Because the penny we spend is the money of our people and our tradesmen. We had to do it on purpose. For now, we will do the first attempt with two buses. Of course, the location of the stops will be reassessed as it is a large vehicle. The lines that feed it will be re-evaluated. Kütahya series, especially the university students in the morning hours and turn off the crowd and chaos in this way will prevent. The journey time of 50 will be 35 minutes. Dakik

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