The longest-running transport ministry in the history of the Republic has ended

The longest-running ministry of transport in the history of the republic ended: Transport minister Binali Yıldırım held the same post for over 11 years. Serving in the 58-59-60 and 61 th governments and saying, “My ministry is a service-oriented ministry. It doesn't have much fanfare either. That's why I call myself "WORKER" he was someone who said. (one)
Ankara-Konya and Ankara-Eskişehir lines were put into service. Marmaray was put into service during his reign. When the high-speed train crashed, they went too far. He showed his grief on every occasion. He resigned, his resignation was unacceptable.
With the shortcomings, road construction was completed in his period.
Almost every province was an airport. If not, the airport came close. Private airlines entered the transport sector.
The maritime industry has moved.
Many projects continue on highways, shipping and airlines. I won't confuse the numbers. Request statistical data can be obtained from the ministry.
There is a visible village.
Have they not been wrong? Kuldur above all! Certainly, but the people who work with him describe him as someone who corrected his mistake and tried to correct it.
I wish ministers who have always been such "AMALE" and know that this is a form of worship come to the people living in our country.
A man who knows that he is proud to use humility.
Goodbye, the minister who is a human being before anything else and will not be forgotten either by his nickname or by his name.
Goodbye, your way and your bet.


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