Kartalkayada lost and waiting for help

Kartalkayada lost ones will wait for help: Gendarmerie Search and Rescue arma Emergency Call J buttons will be able to intervene faster than the Gendarmerie.
In the written statement, the N Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Emergency Call olarak button system, which will be applied for the first time before the 2013-2014 winter season, was planned and it was firstly informed that the emergency call buttons running over the radio frequency 10 units were installed in the trial disappearance zones.
In the statement 5 944 event was intervened in the year and the explanations continue as follows;
Iştir A total of 52 events, including 892 disappearance and 944 injury, have been interfered in Kartalkaya Ski Center in the last five years. 52 was recovered in the event of 110 disappearance;
In order to create esi Situational Awareness lar against ata Situational Awareness, and to increase the ve Perception of Security ata against the events that may occur and to increase the alanma Perception of Security karşı, karşı Prevention of Injuries and Disappearances on the Runways in Kartalkaya Ski Resort karşı project was carried out under the coordination of Bolu Governorate.
- In order to respond more effectively and in a timely manner to the loss and injury events that may occur in the ski center, the number of warning signs, which was 2009 in the winter season of 2010-120, was 2011 in the winter season of 2012-136, and the analyzes made in the winter season of 2013-2014 and the loss events in the previous years were evaluated. Increased to 333.
- "Safe Use of Ski Slopes and Promotion Brochure" prepared by Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command is distributed to the guests coming to the ski resort and information activities are carried out.
- In Kartalkaya Ski Center;
2013-2014 ma Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Emergency Call olarak button system was planned for the first time before the winter season. Firstly, emergency call buttons running via 10 radio frequency were installed on the test zones.
The purpose of this system is to contact the Gendarmerie Search and Rescue Teams with the help of these emergency call buttons which do not take the mobile phone to the side of the mobile phone or have landed in the field or have not reached the mobile phone.
In the case of the efficiency of the system in the year 2014 with the contributions of the Governorate of Bolu Kartalkaya ski center in the disappearance areas and mobile phones will be expanded in areas where there is insufficient.
With these projects, de Situational Awareness tatil will be created and Faaliyet Security Perception proj will be created in the holidaymakers coming to Kartalkaya Ski Center.

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