Test drives started on Karataş-İbrahimli tram line | Gaziantep

Karatas-Ibrahim tramway test test began: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the lightweight rail system in Karatas-Ibrahimli began a month ago, the end of the work has been reached. The test route is expected to carry passengers within one month.
Karatas-Ibrahimli tram line, which has 5,5 kilometers, will serve on Bahriye Üçok Boulevard, Karstad Boulevard, Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Boulevard, Ali Ihsan Göğüş Boulevard, Hasan Celal Güzel Street, Hoca Ahmet Yesevi Street, Kamuran Yılmaz Street and 14. In Karataş-Ibrahimli line which will be in service as the 3 stage in Gaziantep, there will be 3 wagon in total, including 4 center and 7 side.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has previously opened the Burç Kavşağı-Istasyon and Gaziantep University-Karataş lines, now serves the Karataş-Ibrahimli line. Extending the Karataş line to the Akkent area, the 2 kilometer further increased the number of 52 kilometers to the city. Again in this context; Additional landfill was built for 28 vehicles to be purchased in Karataş and a single line rail with 2 bin 823 meter length. In addition to the existing 25 vehicle, the total number of vehicles will reach 53 with new vehicles.
With the completion of the stage of Ibrahimli region, the total length of 26 kilometers double track rail across the city will be reached, officials, Ibrahimli zone 3 units, Karataş warehouse 1 units, including a total of 4 pieces of transformer center building, he said.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 17:28

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