Tekkeköy Mayor Tekin: I'll be next to the minibuses

Tekkeköy Mayor Tekin: I stand by the minibus drivers: Samsun Tekkeköy Mayor Hayati Tekin announced that if any route restrictions are imposed on the minibus lines operating in the district regarding the light rail system planned to be extended from Samsun Station to Tekkeköy, he will be in favor of the driver trades.
Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the second joint commission meeting of December was held under the management of Ak Party Council Member Turan Çakır. At the meeting, firstly, the zoning plan proposal prepared for the preferred road project planned for the metrobuses to be operated on the same route before the light rail system was put into operation between Samsun Station and Tekkeköy was discussed. The proposal prepared for the 30-meter-wide metrobus road route from Samsun Station to the area where Tekkeköy District Fair and Congress Center is located was unanimously accepted at the commission meeting.
Making a statement after the meeting, Mayor of Samsun Tekkeköy Hayati Tekin stated that there will be a delay in the delivery of the light rail system to the district, and said that the metrobus line was put into operation for this reason. Stating that there are properties and state roads on the determined metrobus route, Mayor Tekin said, “The project should be designed in a way that will not hurt people. We are trying to ensure that the metrobus route passes through public spaces. There are property constraints. If property problems are not resolved, expropriation is applied. We are trying to solve it without problems. We will also examine the offer, we do not stand against the light rail system. " said.
Saying that the rail system and metrobus line to be delivered to Tekkeköy are not profitable, Tekkeköy Mayor Hayati Tekin said, “The potential rail system or metrobus there will not save. Minibuses and shuttle buses pull the passenger load, the system creates problems related to them. A sports hall was built in the area where the Fair and Congress Center is located, a stadium is being built. When there is a match at the place in question, there is a passenger density. Other than that, there is no density of passengers moving to that direction. We are not against the light rail system. We are not against what is good for the clean people. There is a shortage of business here. It is wrong to call the minibuses and say 'You cannot enter here'. Very loud minibuses are running in the heart of Ankara. Anyone can get on the minibus, bus, rail system or metrobus. The passenger should use whatever he / she is comfortable and going. Samsun is not Istanbul. Even in Istanbul, if people can ride what they prefer, this should be in Samsun. In Atakum, the routes of minibus drivers are restricted and they cannot enter the city center. It is wrong not to let the minibuses into the city center, saying 'It is necessary to get on the light rail system'. If the same system is implemented in Tekkeköy, we will be with our chauffeur tradesmen. We are not in charge, but in the Metropolitan Municipality. We are not against the rail system and metrobus. Anyone should get on the vehicles they want. " he spoke.

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