TCDD to Van Lake Ferries Construction Tender Description

TCDD from the Lake Van Ferry Tender for Construction Description: Turkey State Railways (TCDD), 157 years they were an organization, reported that business and subject to audit all transactions made tender.
TCDD management, in a statement made on the news about the organization published in press organs and websites today, said: “TCDD is a 157-year-old organization, and it carries out its business and operations in accordance with laws and regulations. All tenders with our organization's business and operations are subject to inspection. The tender for the construction of a ferry to Lake Van, which was allegedly corrupt, was canceled by our agency as the bids were not found suitable. The tender canceled by our organization and the Public Procurement Authority; In the case opened by the bidder, it has been validated by the court. A contract was signed with the contractor due to the obligation to implement the court decision. The allegation of corruption due to the application of the court decision to TCDD is varied from the explanation.




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