Archeology Delayed by TCDD

Archeology Delayed Marmara from TCDD Explanation: We do not blame anyone. The operator of Marmaray made a statement to TCDD HaberVs that the "Archaeology delayed Marmaray" panel was the presentation of Minister Yıldırım and was not intended to blame anyone.
Marmaray 's operator of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), "Marmaray Project was delayed due to archaeological excavations" expressed boards for habervesair' eat 'no one to blame purpose of their move "made statements direction.
Marmaray Yenikapi station, the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) and TCDD logos on the board of the expression was as follows: In the Marmaray project, 8500 has caused an annual delay. Marmar
After the panel's reactions to social media, 26 was abolished in November.
In a press statement issued on the same day by the Istanbul Branch of the Archaeologists Association, the statement stated that the archaeologists, who carried out their legal duties, were treated as people who committed crimes.
Answering HaberVs' questions on the phone TCDD Press and Public Relations Counselor Mehmet Aycı, Marmaray's archeology due to the fact that the expression of the delay reflects the reality but is not intended to blame anyone:
Dır It is natural for all infrastructure work to delay if the project passes through a site. This is what happens in Marmaray. But we don't blame anyone. Archaeologists have accomplished a blessed work. Marmaray Archaeological Excavations, Istanbul and the world is a business that changes history. Marmar
Why was the part not delayed?
Aycı, "no delay in the archeological excavation area and why the delay was postponed to 2015" he replied:
Gerek The consortium, which has been awarded the tender for this section, has terminated the obligation on the grounds that it cannot fulfill its obligations under the current conditions. This is also known and shared with the public. Launched 13,6 kilometer [covering tube tunneling and drilling tunnels] in operation of TCDD. However, this section, which includes the improvement of suburban lines [63 kilometers], is under the management of the Ministry of Transport. We are not authorized to comment on this matter. Bu
The Ministry of Transport announced the date of launch of the project as 2003 at 2009, where the Marmaray Project started.
The ministry is called arp CR1 X in Gebze-Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci-Halkalı For the 63 kilometer section covering the improvement of the suburban lines, he signed a contract with the Alstom-Marubeni-Doğuş (AMD) consortium. This contract was terminated.
The name of Marmaray, which was used for the project of a total of 76,3 kilometers in the first years in the site of the Ministry of Transport, was revised to include only the 13,6 km section covering immersed tube tunnel and drilling tunnels.
”Panels reduced due to space problem nedeniyle
Mehmet Aycı explained the removal of the 21 panel in the 26 in November with the statement:
Eri Dashboard, Transport Minister Binali Yıldırım's presentation to the Council of Ministers. The 70 had a board on it. But it took up a lot of space and prevented passenger circulation. Not only the 21 dashboard, but the near future. X
Prime Minister Erdogan: şey Archeological things blocked Başbakan
The opinion that archaeological excavations delayed Marmaray was mentioned for the first time by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan two years ago.
Erdogan participated in 26 February 2011, Marmaray tube tunnel in the land and sea connection was carried out in the 'continuous' no archaeological thing, no pottery output, no output, this output' put obstacles in front of us. No, it was established, it was no judgment, we were stuck with them. They blocked us for three years. After that, we do not know the obstacle mengel, no matter what the cost. Bundan
Archaeologists Association: olog The archaeologist is shown to have committed a crime Ar
Archaeologists Association Istanbul Branch 26 noted in a written press statement in November that the Marmaray Project had not yet been completed even in areas where no archeological excavation had been completed, but that the statement in question showed the archaeologists doing their legal duties as people who committed crimes:
Ata The only occupational group that does not work for a contractor in the realization of the Marmaray Project is the archaeologists. In the project where one of the most successful archaeological excavations of the last years was carried out, archaeologists worked in three shifts for a long time and completed their duties. involved in these excavations and giving them this task (Ministry of Culture and Tourism) tasks of the Constitution of the Republic of Turkey have carried out in the framework defined by the law. Indeed, the Constitution 63. In the article açıkça State, history, cultural and natural assets and values ​​of the protection of the supportive and encouraging measures for this purpose will take ın with the definition of responsibility has been made clearly.
Bu While the cultural heritage unearthed as a result of the works is expected to be a source of pride for enriching the Marmaray Project, the signposted TCDD, AYEM and the Ministry of Transportation logo and the archaeologists placed at Yenikapı station will be projected to everyone using the station as people who committed the crime. it is not.
Dahi However, it should be kept in mind that the Marmaray Project has not been completed even in areas where archaeological excavations have never been done. “
Museum Directorate: “A topic that develops beyond our knowledge Müze
The Archaeological Excavations of Marmaray was conducted under the direction of the Directorate of Istanbul Archeology Museums.
HaberVs' inquiries by e-mail directorate sor With this clipboard and text
we don't have any information. We learned through the press.
It is a matter that evolves beyond our permission and knowledge, and there is no such issue in the station exhibition Bizim.

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