The goal of snowboarders is 2018

The goal of snowboarders in 2018: entering the camp in Palandöken Ski Snowboard Ski National Team targets in Turkey, obtaining degrees from the international race held in Europe, to prepare athletes to the 2018 Olympics.

Turkey Ahmet Ugurlu from Ski Snowboard National Team coach, said in a statement to the AA correspondent, he said that the successful continuation of the first season began in Palandöken camp.

Uğurlu stated that they are aiming to achieve successful results in the races to be held in various European countries during the year, said:
“We started our Snowboard National Team camp in Erzurum. I believe that our camp, which was in a very beautiful environment, will be successful. We haven't started door work yet, but we focused on technical work. Some of our athletes are in Italy to participate in inter-university races. Our other athletes join the camp here. We find 10 very talented athletes in the camp. The aim of the camp is to prepare the athletes for the season. To make them ready for the races to be held in our country during the year and for other international races to be held in Europe. We aim to bring them to the best in technical and tactical terms. Summer camps organized by our position in Turkey Ski Federation was very successful. As it is known, we are making a new leap in our country in the snowboard category. We may not be able to catch up with the Sochi Olympics, but our goal is to train champions for the 2018 Olympics.
Ugurlu, Turkey's most successful and talented snowboarders that are included in the camp, said they expect a lot from athletes.

Both the federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in the international championships will gain degrees in training for athletes who said Uğurlu, said:
“Since snowboarding is a new branch in Turkey, we did not collect points at the Olympic level. For this reason, our goal is to increase our scores until 2018, to ensure that our athletes become better at the races they will participate in and to bring them to the level to compete in the Olympics. In this regard, various studies are carried out to increase the level of our children with the contributions of both our federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports. I hope the 2018 Olympics will be successful and medals will be given to our country. kazanWe'll send a snowboarder. Our aim is to prepare our children for 2018 both mentally, physically and technically. We expect success from the core staff who entered the camp. The team is very solid and I believe they will get better. Our core staff was determined by the intense examinations of our federation. Our children included in the camp are very elite athletes prepared for Europe and the 2018 Olympics.

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