Ski season opened at Bitlis Çitkaya Ski Resort

Ski season has opened at Çitkaya Ski Resort: The ski season has opened at Çitkaya Ski Resort, where the snow level has reached a sufficient level in Bitlis. Bitlis residents who had the opportunity to enjoy the skiing flocked to the ski resort.

Citizens flocked to the Çitkaya Ski Resort, where the season opened, in Bitlis, where heavy snowfall and cold weather were effective. While Bitlis residents enjoy the snow, Bitlis Youth and Sports Manager Muzaffer Güven said that the citizens benefit from the falling snow. Saying that the facility is chirping, Güven said, “We expect all Bitlis residents to our facility for skiing. Also, the pits in the middle of our track in the past years were filled by the Governor of Bitlis and the Special Provincial Administration. The ski slope has been made healthier and safer with these studies. Everyone, including children, young people and the elderly, is benefiting from our ski slope. ”

Stating that it is a great advantage to have ski facilities in the city center, Güven invited Bitlis residents to ski. Stating that 80 children and young people who were taken to the Sports Training Center were provided with ski training at the Çiftkaya Ski Resort accompanied by teachers, Güven said that they were struggling to get ski champions from these students.


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